Lincoln renewable energy granted $ 60 Million N.J. Utility-scale solar Farm site plan approval

WOODSTOWN, n. 14. Dec 2010/PRNewswire/–Lincoln Renewable Energy today announced that the Mannington Township (n.), the Government adopted unanimously on a proposal from the Commission to design a site plan for the application of the 10-megawatt Solar farm Salem NJ Cedar County is located. This is the second site plan approval granted in respect of the LRE project in recent months. The company’s 10-megawatt Solar project adopts a NJ Oak in October between adjacent Cumberland County.

Mannington Township Planning Board of Directors approved the last Thursday of the solar project site NJ Cedar plan within township 129-acre site. LRE is planning to begin in 2011, 60 million dollar solar farm construction, the creation of jobs in the construction of about 100 for six months from the date on which the construction phase.

“We thank the Planning Board, and the benefits of the Community recognises the Mannington, arising out of or in connection with the land of the rising sun farms can bring rural communities,” said Lincoln Renewable Energy CEO Declan Flanagan. “However, we recognize the Sun projects must be designed carefully to fit the character of the rural communities, where they are located. Microsoft has worked closely with the project planning and community continue to be that close cooperation, as we move toward construction. “

NJ Cedar Solar and Solar are being developed in the framework of the NJ Oak LRE New Jersey number of holdings in the land of the rising sun. Earlier this year, the company’s open Woodstown, also in Salem County, regional office.

New Jersey and the East Coast actively develops projects in the LRE Denver Office be managed in the various regions of the West. The year 2010, the company received 39-megawatt solar farm, that is, the Alamosa County Southern Colorado to the building. The company also evolve, 50-megawatt Homestead Solar project in Clark County, Nev., private land are located, as well as New Mexico and Texas a & m University projects.

It is also the company commented on the related Tax Extender Bill moves in Congress, that extends the solar projects through 2011 through Treasury Grant program. “The extension of the programme would be very welcome News to u.s. solar industry,” Flanagan said, noting that the LRE has several projects in progress and transmission of use authorisations in the first half of 2011 for the construction.

“The expansion of the Treasury Grant program is a critical part of the construction of hundreds of projects, the transfer of the supply chain and the project with the creation of jobs in the construction sector,” he explains.

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