Pacific Blue Energy updates progress is the Gila Bend solar Project

PHOENIX, Dec 15/PRNewswire/-Pacific Blue Energy Corp. (OTCBB: OTCQB-PBEC), developer of renewable energy projects publicly traded, today announced the company’s development in detail the progress of the update is designed for solar farm Gila Bend, Maricopa.

10. December 2010 to the Pacific Blue received the approval of the supplier to the reorganisation of the Gila Bend and extend the time-limit laid down in the country at the time of its acquisition of 10. March 2011.  The amended agreement allows you to obtain a higher original country PBEC drive 115 acres in the past, more than 15% of the proposed transaction.  To facilitate this expansion and extension of, the other $ 50000 PBEC developed for the vendor.  PBEC has progressed so far about $ 129,000 for payment of the purchase price of $ 850,000 to the company.

“Greater land location and extended closing date, and the development of projects to improve the offers to us options and financial flexibility as we can move this and other opportunities to deliver in the coming months,” Joel Franklin, Executive Director, Pacific Blue said.  “We are still firmly committed to the business of our strategy and manage large scale renewable energy projects.  Gila Bend that form the basis for the acquisition of the land and to maintain a strong balance sheet are both the main elements of the strategy in question. “

Gila Bend is situated in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona in the North West is located just 30 miles.  Gila Bend of the leaders of the Town is committed to the region of the world the Sun capital.  PBEC Gila Bend, the project is ideally located in close proximity to three other solar projects under construction electrical substation on land, in the past, the development of the local municipality of zoned solar energy authority quarter nautical miles.

In response to the Alberta Securities Commission action in the field of water policy questions Mr. Franklin says, “We maintain the argument that the PBEC has been included in an interim order ceases to trade unfairly, and we believe that we have fully him in this case.  However, even though we make every effort to fully cooperate and ASC, it has become apparent that the challenged the order still had not been productive and should continue to allocate valuable financial and human resources to ensure that the construction of shareholder value be better targeted. “

Interim cease trade order, which checks the ASC in March 2011, blocks, Alberta, and Canada PBEC-shares subscribed with stock options trading.  An interim order ceases to trade shall not preclude either party from trading PBEC shares in any other jurisdiction.  PBEC shares trading on the OTCBB does not affect the market in the United States or OTCQB.

For more information about Gila Bend and other Pacific Blue on the progress of the projects in the renewable energy sources will be published as it becomes available.  Shareholders and other interested parties are invited to contact will receive the notifications of the press release of PBEC directly from the company

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