SoCore Energy marketing International Criminal Tribunal for the former Constellation NewEnergy hire at the head of the Chief operating Officer, as

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–hired Julie SoCore energy is its chief operating officer, Hextell, former Constellation NewEnergy Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of responsibility for the development and growth strategies in the land of the rising Sun Developer’s award-winning runs.
SoCore that offers solar installations Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, schools and REITs, his experience in the construction of the selected Hextell and scaling Constellation NewEnergy from starting, as well as the maturity of his expertise in strategic business development, addressed. Hextell, 44-year-old former litigator, Constellation NewEnergy, helped grow into national retail electronic market leader.

“When the market evolves, we want to offer products and services, which enable them to achieve their objectives of renewable energy sources continue to be meaningful to the suite. Julie has proven experience of customer, product and market segment strategies and deep knowledge. He is the ideal Executive grow and scale the SoCore energy, “noted Pete Kadens, SoCore President. “We are looking forward to Julie’s leadership to launch the next phase of SoCore expansion.”

SoCore Energy with the change of the game recognized approaches that make photo-voltaic economically viable enterprise customers Award for innovation in Chicago last month. Advance innovation prize winners are Motorola,, flash-point and CNT Energy.

SoCore’s modular system enables systems SunLock disassembled, again or moved to another location, if necessary. Designed for flat roofs, SunLock n-penetrating design means that the roof warranties are not compromised, which may be critical account of the companies who rent space.

SoCore: n Solar Rental Service provides a flexible, short-term lease contracts is our policies will help to cover the expenses of special events which allows enterprises interested in solar energy to begin easily garnering benefits. SoCore also offers the maintenance, monitoring and energy services to their customers.

“I am excited about is the opportunity to work in the enterprise, which provides the real innovation on the market for renewable energy sources,” Hextell said. “SoCore group focuses on customers and meaningful solutions to companies, which lead to lively, creating the future status of renewable energy sources.”

Is a graduate of Loyola University Hextell, and received his Juris Doctorate DePaul University College of law.

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