Abengoa solar closes $ 1.45 billion for the financing of the world’s largest solar power Generation Plant

Abengoa solar system announced today is mastered, 1.45 billion u.s. dollars of financing of the Solana, the world’s largest parabolic trough concentrating solar power plants to build. The establishment of that institution, the total investment of approximately $ 2 billion, with NET creates 250 megawatts (MW).

Santiago Seage, CEO, Abengoa Solar, was found to be “Solana is the first large scale CSP plants of Abengoa solar system in the United States and is a key development in this country for us a milestone, as it allows us to strengthen our connections with the local community, as well as State and federal authorities, in particular, that have contributed to this project.” Abengoa solar system was signed with the Arizona power purchase agreement in the form of public service co. (NYSE: PNW), Arizona’s largest electric utility, buy Solana produced by the energy for a period of 30 years.

The next President Obama last July by the Department of Energy (DOE) Loan programs through the Agency announced the conditional commitment is granted the aid guarantee for this project.

“I would like to recognize the Department Energy Loan programs Office at the time of adopting the Solana possible that guarantee leadership. Without the determination and the DOE’s solar energy as a part of our commitment to this project become a reality, “said Seage ever.

“The body is located 70 miles to Latin America, Phoenix, Arizona, near Gila Bend. Solana energy enough to produce legal effects vis-à-vis-à-vis households and blocks have been and are currently allocated to serve the 475,000 tonnes per year, compared to the power plant natural gas combustion of carbon emissions. Solana for the construction and operation of the interests of the import of many economically and Arizona and the objectives of the energy independence of the nation supports “green” through the economy.

Solana-project is the first large scale solar power plants can save it creates energy in the United States. Solana is included in the molten salt thermal storage for, which makes it possible to identify, where appropriate, the cloudy periods and after sunset, send to the six hours of energy. This feature can produce electricity is hereby amended as follows: Solana, as well as air conditioning during the summer peak demand to respond to the premiere of the community.

The construction of a power plant and produces a much needed tax income of local communities and the Arizona State and the nation’s support for the objectives of the energy independence and the development of clean energy economy.

Abengoa solar system considers that Solana project creates 1600 serbejä construction jobs and more than 85 permanent jobs. Approximately 98% of the project jobs is an American jobs, primarily in order to supplement the neighboring States of Arizona. In addition, about 75% of the equipment and accessories are manufactured in the United States need to build the Solana

In addition, the mirror manufacture factory built surprise, Arizona to provide the necessary Solana project mirrors. A mirror of the plant will employ nearly 180 people, the number of jobs directly created by the Solana. This new opportunity to deliver Arizona Foundation to which you want to expand its solar energy technology manufacturing capabilities and to support projects of future CSP.

Abengoa solar system in late 2009 the purchase agreement was signed by the power of electricity in California to provide 250 MW net provided by the institution of the place is located in the trough CSP Mojave-Desert 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles-generated. The company is also a series of projects being developed in the framework of the Southwest.

Abengoa solar system currently build 930 MW solar plant worldwide and other 193 MW already has a global construction and the trough of the power of the Tower of the CSP, the institution of the place and only enterprise. Solana Abengoa solar system, the plants is the fourteenth CSP plants worldwide.

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