Ethosolar: new domestic content rule is People Going ‘ Local ‘ of the solar system

Ontario manufactures PV solar panels are the customers shall be informed of any increase in prices, the New Year of Micro scale to fit and with a view to the preparation of projects Fit Solar. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the requirement that people must comply with the 60% of the domestic content rule Green Energy law, this means people could pay more expensive solar panels produced here in Ontario.

Ken Ethosolar Rounds, this family-run company that began in the early 1990s, when the Sun projects on agricultural holdings in the building of the late 2009 the awareness of the potential impact on the content changes, and what is waiting for its clients and the public awareness campaign.

“Meeting the requirements of the contents of the liability of the owner is therefore paramount that the people may be discerning buyers, in the coming months” rounds “, the farmer 16 years said.
Anyone who applied to 2. July 2010, before the Sun, the project must be installed and integrated into the grid before the 31. May 2011, if they wish to keep the contents of the current 40% of the domestic market at the level of the project. For those who later made 60% of the applicable sisältötaso 1. will enter into force on 1 January 2011, *.
Rounds lays out a few of the fact that the people should be aware of the effects of the change standard:
Beware of large reductions in the price of solar projects! “As having carried out the huge number of foreign distributors inventory floating, some devices are price reductions in the land of the rising sun, in order to remove it before the end of the period,” said rounds. “This is misleading for two reasons: One-warranty and these components in the future, the change could be the problem, and two-this is misleading to believe that prices will continue to fall within the terms and conditions set forth in this rate in the general public. They do not. “
Lock the project today. Solar modules and inverters in Ontario are simply more expensive. “We’ve set up, under the control of most manufacturers here in Ontario and the majority have increasing solar panels according to the price of 20% in the first quarter of 2011,” said rounds. “If people want to projects in a timely manner and with no surprises, we urge them to lock the prices today.”
Ethosolar, the primary parties may soon be Ontario’s largest manufacturer of solar panels, Canadian Solar-is committed to the contents of a rule in place of the 2010 prices-amendment to the installation source during patch installation.
Select the Setup and primary reliable supplier “for All, which retrieves the notification with the project makes MicroFit OPA domestic content guidelines or lose as a result of the agreement, click the vendor, who is capable of installed well in advance, the time limits of the project is critical, the risk of getting,” he said.
Earlier this year, the OPA will reduce the payment of its promised 80.2 cents a kilowatt hours (kWh) per 64.2 cents/kWh for all micro-FIT to the ground on the Sun projects 10 kW or less ‘. *

“There has been much confusion and the surrounding this year’s projects in the field of solar energy. We’re here to help those with OPA conditional bids possible the best choice when screening through different offers that they may, at the hearing, “said rounds.

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