Evergreen Solar expands Materials & labor warranty, 10 years

Evergreen Solar system, Inc. (NasdaqGM: ESLR), the manufacturer String Ribbon ® solar panels to its own silicon wafer technology, today announced it will extend its ES (a) and the ES-E solar panels in the 10 years from the date on which it Materials & workmanship warranty. New warranty doubles the current five-year warranty, and it shall be valid from the date of the first end-user purchases as well as the ES-ES-(a) and (e) products on or after 1 January 1998: 1 January 2011.
Warranty extension will improve the quality of the invitation to tender for the export program, which was carried out according to the Evergreen Solar, in the first place, the more than two years ago. Improving the quality of initiative has been incorporated into the reliability of the improvement program, designed to address all aspects of the life cycle of the product to us through a more robust product safety, reliability, quality control and vendor management programs.

Peter Rusch, Executive Vice President of worldwide sales of Evergreen Solar “our brand promise to provide more electricity, to a smaller impact on the environment, in accordance with the product development team has consistently dealt with ways to improve the end product, which Evergreen Solar offers its guests,” said. “Our products consistently provided superior field performance and improving the quality of our enhanced program, this means you can connect to the back of our impressive quality record with much improved product warranty for our customers.”

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