A new Energy technology is the Trade Group in the land of the rising sun “Webisodes” Star

Cape Cod to California, from solar energy has been forbidden by the supporters of the u.s. economy, pumping the estimated 2.6 billion dollars in 2009, industry marketing units.

Help for more information, Solar Energy Industries Association recently started a new campaign that highlights the benefits of solar energy and indicates the public how the technology works reliably throughout the nation and to save people money on their utility bills. Online and broadcast segments also shows the growing solar industry is putting Americans to work, the jobs to run installation or Setup programs, taksiautoilijat, plumbers, construction workers, manufacturers, and mentoring.

With a general interest association hired Alan Blake, award-winning director, travel to the SUV of visiting people who use the Sun or in the field of work. The campaign includes three online webisode series documenting travel, four-minute film and public service announcement.

The first webisode focuses on Northeast capturing less residential and applications, boat marina, fire station, and the horse farm, situated in a quiet street in New York and Crayola Crayon manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. Midwest Zoo (with “the Sun lens”), including but not limited to, solar electrical vehicles equipped with a Governor’s mansion in the position of the charging scheme shall be converted into a gas station in the land of the rising sun and the solar manufacturing establishments of the second show in Ohio, the site. The third and final segment covers a wider scale webisode of the Sun in the West, including the Denver International Airport, with the Sun Garbett Homes community from the heat and the Sun in electric systems than the standard properties is the installation and arrays in computer science from the University of Colorado State San Francisco Giants ballpark and the polar of the vineyard.

“Solar energy works on creating good jobs in the United States of America and all 50 States for investments. Whether it’s a Setup program, or solar energy production line worker, family, or a company that has had the benefit of the Sun, Solar Generation USA road trip captures only the extent to which the solar energy has become the United States, “said Rhone Resch, President and CEO of the Association. “The excitement Surrounding the Sun shows in each of these webisodes, but we have only getting started. Solar energy is already the fastest growing energy source in the United States, and by 2015, we install sufficient capacity to power new solar 2 million homes each year. This is really a Solar Generation. “

Susan DeVico, Trade Union of the public relations Committee Chairman, said, “the SEIA Solar Generation team has just completed compelling and training – and fun – a series of webisodes. Cross-country FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in beautifully documents and describes clearly America, that the Sun works the same in relation to the calculation of the Americans to work. “

Web videos of the message, he said, is: “the solar system is now here, and it is the size of the United States it is markkinalähtöisemmässä clean emissions free venues, the protection of individuals with regard to generating electricity, and organizations will be able to satisfy the needs of energy clean, cost-effective and environmentally responsible for a wide range of the address.”

Mr. Blake, producer, said, “this is a wonderful opportunity to call attention to the fact that the Sun has risen is a vital part of the country’s energy infrastructure and a realistic option for each American Household, business, and the municipality. We met our road trip, for those who are working on the solar industry, clients and customers, the people were the inspiration for us and we think a great picture of the solar production at today ‘s. “

Solar Generation USA Road Trip webisode series can be viewed at: http://www.solargenerationusa.org, if the public also for more information about the different types of solar technology, gain access to your home or business, the Sun and the solar industry to find a job “.

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