SunEdison secures $ 50 Million for the financing of the Revolver begins in the United States, the international solar Deployments Rabobank construction

SunEdison LLC, a leading worldwide solar energy service provider and subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR), has secured a three-year, $ 50 million for the construction sector with the Sun revolver Rabobank International photovoltaic power plants in the United States for the introduction of the

“We are satisfied with, funding that improves SunEdison: ‘s ability to carry out its major pipeline projects in the land of the rising sun,” said Ron Klein, CEO of Rabobank’s Renewable Energy group.  “This innovative, multi-project, use the port facility, it is possible to make a successful track record of SunEdison’s expertise and experience. In addition, it reflects the maturity of the obligation of renewable energy sources and, in particular in the fields of the Sun. “

SunEdison photovoltaic power plants of the customer in the customer’s (host) to finance the construction of places revolver. The completion of the purchase or the Sun hosts the retail prices below those of our policies will help avoiding deployments typically costs related to the solar energy produced.

William Lee, Director of the Project and company SunEdison “SunEdison makes investing in the Sun on a smart tag to selection” said. “With the Sun deployed globally near 250MW, SunEdison has experience and know-how, which project investors and customers trust. Working with Rabobank SunEdison is waiting for, as we are still in the land of the rising sun, the reality of our customers throughout the nation. “

Currently, businesses is $ 50 million u.s. projects, construction is expected to expand considerably more revolver creditors, in addition, the life of the contract.  The size of the projects in the region, for the financing of small scale commercial utility.

“The last couple of years more than financial institutions have become more tutustuneeseen solar photovoltaic construction risks, so we are looking forward to a number of parties is interested in joining the port facility,” said Thomas Emmons, Head Rabobank Renewable Energy group in New York.

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