AES solar closes € 103 Million Project 24 MW tuulisähkö financing Portfolio in Italy

AES Solar, AES Corporation, a joint venture (NYSE: AES) and Riverstone Holdings LLC, announced today that its subsidiary closed long-term use of financing facilities of EUR 103 million for the construction of a portfolio of 24 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV), whose name is “Il Terzo.” Il Terzo the whole of Italy Lazio Briefcase is situated in the heart of Puglia and Sicily regions,.

David Sundstrom, AES Solar, concession Italy stated: “Il Terzo funding was particularly challenging license, because it was multi-mode project financing plan, which covers the seven of our Italian PV projects, which were the construction of the whole financing at different stages in the process. Closing, our third-party financing in Italy, the eight months of space emphasizes the AES Solar project finance, and development of the features of the quality and the strength of our bank relationships. “

The two participated in this financing:-Dexia Crediop (such as the Agent) and Société Générale. Facilities covers around 85% of the estimated costs of the final maturity date of the project, 18 years after the end of the book’s structure.

Writing Il Terzo seven plants is expected to reach commercial operation 2011, an item of property, plant and 20 years of regulated feed, from the “Conto Energia” system of the portfolio by the end of the first quarter.

AES Solar currently has 37 General business portfolio of MW, France, Greece and Spain, and by adding the Il Terzo Portfolio is approximately 135 MW in operation or under construction.

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