KYOCERA Celebrates production in North America, Sun one-Millionth-module

today, the Kyocera announced that its manufacturing facility Tijuana, Mexico, has resulted in the development of its one-millionth solar module. More than 400 workers gathered in the feast, the signing of a module to commemorate the event behind.
A supplementary certificate Millionth module Kyocera’s early involvement in the preparation of the land of the rising sun. In December 2004, nearly 30 years after the date of its first solar modules in Japan, manufacturing, the company began to Tijuana production module. In response to the growing demand for Kyocera to expand multilateral with another institution in 2009, aimed at increasing the capability of 240 Tijuana megawatts (MW) per year. By no later than 30 June 2010, the company started production of its first solar modules 30MW vis-à-vis the us in a year, San Diego with the capacity of the original item.

Solar energy is now one of the fastest growing companies in the Kyocera’s worldwide, 31. March 2013 (which corresponds to one “gigawatt”) to 1 000 MW worldwide production on an annual basis with the enterprise. San Diego and Tijuana, in addition to the transport of dangerous goods by road within Kyocera solar module is currently in production in Japan, China and the Czech Republic.

Jakelumenetelmää Kyocera’s global expansion plan, than one gigawatt capacity enables enterprise-to provide 3-kilowatt solar electric systems on approximately 285,000 homes annually.

Worldwide, more than 20 facilities contain already own Kyocera on-site solar electric generating systems, including 214-kilowatt solar system Grove parking lot in San Diego and Tijuana 100-kilowatt rooftop system.

Steve Hill, President of the Kyocera solar system, Inc. “our one-millionth of the Mexican port module scrolls symbolize how far we’ve come to the locally, only six years,” says, “this milestone demonstrates the 35-year history of Kyocera’s commitment to quality and innovation in the industry and acts as the Sun, for example, how the Kyocera is to make sustainable energy truly global effort.”

The actions of the United States established in 1969, Kyocera and began development is the first Japan-based company with production in California State (in 1971). Kyocera group companies currently employs approximately 4,000 people in the United States.

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