The u.s. Department of energy for the purpose of the loan guarantee fund closes the Arizona Solar Power Plant

Published on 21. Dec 2010

The u.s. Department of energy has closed a 250-megawatt solar power plant near the small town of Gila Bend, Arizona Latin America, Phoenix 1.45 billion dollar loan from the warranty.

The guarantee is the Government, the private creditors and to the borrower, which ensures that the agreement between the Federal Government to cover the debt if the borrower defaults.

The Energy Department, in the form of a loan program allows the Government to share some projects that use new technologies is not yet supported in the commercial marketplace or in situations where private investment has been a member of the economic risks of the activity to be blocked. Both the credit crunch lama and Sun technology solar energy storage, including with a view to the completion of the course is an obstacle to access to the power plant to build a large massive amounts.

Solana-project, which provide even have been and are currently allocated to the peak traffic times of household electricity use by concentrating solar thermal, technology, in which the fields curved mirrors heliostats asked the focus to the sunshine, the transfer of heat pipes carrying fluids. The hot liquid is used which, as a result of the high pressure steam, turn a turbine to generate electricity.

If it went into production today, the Sun is the largest complex of the type, although higher in the planned within the framework of the Southwest. Solana plants with a nominal capacity of 280 megawatts of generation capacity and the 250 MW, use breathing apparatus (SCBA) network in the molten salt for saving energy, allowing it to produce electricity after sunset or cloudy weather during the next couple of days. Also many other solar power plants in California and Nevada developers to use the molten salt storage.

Abengoa solar system Inc., Spain-based project sponsor believes that Solana project will create 1,700 jobs in the construction of 1,600 and and at least 60 permanent jobs. More than sound mirrors need to fit the project factory to build the mirror outside the Phoenix, the Energy Department said. Result, the company anticipates, project creates other direct investments in Arizona’s economy.

Equipment suppliers and manufacturers of the United States is expected to provide 70% of the Solana: n elements, such as mirrors, receiver tubes, pipes and heat transfer fluid. Electricity project is sold to the Arizona utility APS power via a long-term contract of purchase.

“The world’s largest solar power plant of its kind, as Abengoa Solana project plays an important to create the jobs and clean energy, as well as the fostering of innovation in the United States, Arizona,” said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu a prepared statement.  “As today’s Declaration and other recent declarations of interest made in relation to a completed loan guarantees for wind and solar energy projects, as well as the title indicates, the loan program is gaining momentum, the job creation in communities across the country at the same time putting us the path to a clean energy future.”

Gila Bend, which has been established under special ZONING rules for the development of solar energy, is to attract, circuit, U.s. Rep. Raul Grijalva m., who has been a supporter of the Congress in the land of the rising sun. Voters in November in the southern Arizona two democratic House members stressed the importance of solar energy development in the central part of their platforms.

“I congratulate the Abengoa solar system and the development of the management of the public and private sector opportunities that are created in the well-paying, highly valued jobs in Arizona,” Mr. Grijalva-press release of the Energy Department said. “This is yet another example of stimulus funds contribute to lead our nation and Arizona’s economy back to back when the move to the US, so that we can receive the national and world leader in alternative energy sources for the generation of energy policy.”

A small town, Gila Bend, with a population of approximately 2 000, has sought to attract specific ZONING distinctions solar thermal and photovoltaic projects in development. Authorisations may be granted in months instead of years for large projects.

“The purpose of the Solar field overlay area (SFOZ) is to ensure flexibility while promoting sustainable development and renewable energy options,” said the proposed regulation is in the heart of the city, when it was in before the year 2010 to the general public. “The town to promote solar panels, ceilings, as well as residential development and commercial developments, but is aware of the fact that large areas of the country house Solar fields are in need.”

Department of Loan programs through the Agency of loan guarantees or commitments to provide conditional loan guarantees to 16 clean energy projects, for a total of almost EUR 16.5 billion dollars.  In conjunction with 16 projects produce more than 37 million megawatt-hours of electricity, enough to power more than 3.3 million homes, the Department said,

Also, loan guarantees for projects approved, which is the world’s largest wind farm and 2,200 megwatt nuclear power plant, which should be in the first three decades of the nation. The plug-in vehicle manufacturers have also benefited from the loan guarantees. The Energy Department estimates that more than 56,000 jobs will be created as a result. If borrowers default, government expenditure should be restricted mainly to the management of the programme, the amount of the loan. Additional information may be obtained by visiting the

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