First solar PV business to use than the largest Power Plant Builder

The first solar system which has its head office is in the sale, Ariz.

Published on 21. Dec 2010

Arizona-based company’s First Solar Inc. has been recognized as one of the Canadian Solar Industries Association of Canada for the development and the largest photovoltaic plant, constructing.

80-Megawatt solar project completed in October in the Sarnia Sarnia, Ontario, and to purchase Enbridge Inc., is also the world’s largest business PV status. Sarnia is northeast of Detroit and Port Huron border size, Mich.

The province of Ontario has made use of the feed-in tariffs to promote solar and wind energy development, and intends to stop coal fired power plants. Photovoltaic modules convert sunlight directly to electricity.

Enbridge and first Solar agreed CanSIA: ‘s annual Conference, “Solar PV Project of the Year” award for December 7.

“We are pleased to receive this recognition of the Sarnia refinery project,” said Frank De Rosa, First Solar, as well as the development of the project, Senior Vice President of North America. “In the context of Enbridge, we have led to the development of solar energy investment in Canada in an add-in.”

Peter Carrie, First Solar Vice President business development in Canada, was also used for the individual contribution to the Canadian solar industry and received the “Solar” leader of the Year “award in the marketing of material for the Group during the meeting.

Although the Sarnia refinery project is currently the largest PV solar power plant in the world, greater than in the US Southwest drawing tables.

The first solar system, and New Jersey-based NRG Energy Inc. announced recently that the NRG acquires megawatt photovoltaic power plant, 290, first Solar has developed a southwestern Arizona is called Agua Caliente.

The project is scheduled for 2014 and is supplemented by buy Pacific Gas and Electric co., which operates in Northern and Central California with 25 years of the agreement. When finished, the Agua Caliente can become the world’s largest operational photovoltaic site. Sun 500 MW of PV projects are in different stages of development in California.

Located in the Yuma County, the project is expected to be the State and local tax revenue from the Agua Caliente wages provide more than 400 construction jobs and create multiple local business economic benefit for the First Solar and NRG said News release earlier this month. The site is about 60 miles east of the city of Yuma. The project is built on Interstate 8, former cropland White Wing Ranch North of Hyder Dateland and Southwest North of Palomas mountains below.

“The Sun is going to take our nation wishes to stress the importance of large-scale clean technologies and it is planned to be projects Agua Caliente, that help us scale to achieve this ambitious objective,” said David Crane, President and CEO, NRG Energy. “This investment significantly add to our presence in the State and the benefits of Arizona residents but attractive returns to NRG’s stakeholders.”

At full capacity, in the opinion of the NRG, 290-megawatt project offers more than engage the zero-emission electricity to our homes. Solar PV power plants do not need to be water, with the exception of the occasional panels, cleaning, which may not always be necessary; Some installations rely on seasonal rainfall to keep the modules free of dirt.

Rob Gillette, CEO, First Solar “Agua Caliente is represented in our mission to provide clean, affordable, sustainable solar energy, our advanced technology and a thin, Arizona, a huge solar resource, the abbreviation” said. “We are very pleased that we have been able to expand our relationship with NRG Agua Caliente, our hundred-megawatt multi-GNOME-utility-scale projects in the area of the owner of the construction of the first start.”

The application has been submitted to the U.s. Department of energy federal guarantee in respect of the project, which is expected to be one of the first to Start construction in connection with the financing of the United States in accordance with the programme. Closing of the acquisition is not dependent on the loan, the Federal Government receiving. NRG intends to invest more than 800 million dollars in equity through the money for the project through 2014 and a third party and an investor’s possible combinations.

Is located between Phoenix 2400 acres Yuma, Agua Caliente-project is protected at the beginning of the construction permit and have begun construction steps. The first solar system has developed the project and is a country, procurement and construction contractor. The first solar system, said, it will also provide for the maintenance and operations.

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