NREL is working in teams, the objectives of improving the efficiency of solar PV Equipment

Published on 22. Dec 2010

Movies, books and newspapers for a long time have encouraged a large advance Yksinäisen, underfunded scientist is determined to demonstrate the idea of a legion of truth against the naysayers like laboratory emerging picture of the dungeon.

It makes a good story.

Most of the science does not work, therefore, of course. A large part of the context of an incremental advances, consists of the commitment of the experimenters are ordinary school löytäneiden built by incremental advances.

Which is certainly had a solar photovoltaic research, which dates to at least 1839, Antoine César Becquerel, when the French physicist is said to have noticed, that the electricity is produced when the light fell within the context of the electrode, he was experimenting with electrolytic solution case.

The Sun in the United States after WORLD WAR II, THE research ramped up quickly, and at the beginning of the 1950s, low power solar crystalline silicon or thin films using Selenium and metallic parts of the close links between the electricity cells led to the sunlight.

Advances, is behind is almost always accompanied by groups of scientists working together to solve problems.

Colorado national Renewable Energy laboratory has produced a feature story about the functioning of the group to make solar cells cheaper and more efficient. Efficiency, as well as the potential gains are very significant, because solar photovoltaic production is coming to the cost of the competition in a substantial part of the sunny places and times of peak demand, even without taking account of the Accounting Department of the environment and national security interests with electricity.

The typical feature of the laboratory are dealt with in the makeup and solar PV cells, as well as explain activities in order to improve the efficiency of a study which has been carried out. It is available by visiting the website at laboratory.

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