KYOCERA MW solar one Supply 204 S.E. Asia’s largest Solar Power projects in which modules should be used

Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: KYO) (TOKYO: 6971) today announced that it has agreed to provide approximately 1 million solar modules correspond to 204-megawatts (MW) of Thailand’s largest solar project, which will be implemented in the form of Solar Power co., Ltd. Project 6MW “Solar Farms” is constructed in such a concentrated in the northeastern Thailand 34 places.

Total Solar Farm project in the local area power supply around the average Thai, adequate with regard to energy labelling of household *.

“We chose the Kyocera modules in this project with the high quality and reliability of the data and the company’s 35 years of experience in the area. These benefits, we plan to deliver the energy of the Sun, the people “Thailand stated that Solar Power co., Ltd., Mrs. Wandee Khunchornyakong President.

Solar Farm Project is planned, constructed and managed Solar Power co., Ltd., and the project created a power means Provincial Electricity authority of Thailand (PEA), and then delivered to homes and businesses. The project intends to build 34 total production of the individual 6MW Solar Farms 204MW.

In order to reduce Its dependency has been aggressively engage in Thailand, energy-saving products and the adoption of alternative energy sources. In addition, the blessed good Weather and the annual amount of solar radiation is high, the use of the land of the rising sun is expected to grow in the future. Feed, after the introduction of the tariff 2007-the Sun implementation has already started originates. In addition, the Thai Government has informed you intend to install 500MW Sun 2022.

“Kyocera is to use can contribute to the attainment of the objectives of renewable energy sources, the Got” was found to Kyocera Corporation Executive Vice President and General Manager of Corporate Solar Energy group, Mr. Tatsumi Maeda. “We have a track record of supplying of the modules is addressed to large scale solar power plants throughout the world, including in the case of Spain, Germany and the United States, and we can deliver a stable supply of high-quality products for the implementation of the project.”

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