The Sun’s Energy initiatives publishes, on a case-by-letter of intent for $ 1.2 Million Delaware School solar Project

Solar Energy initiatives, Inc. (OTCBB: SNRY), solar projects for the development, distribution and training with the labour enterprises today announced that the company has secured a letter of intent Delaware Charter School solar PV for the purpose of carrying out the project, AND .PPA. The project is expected to produce approximately 1.2 million dollar of revenues.

The company’s aim is to use solar panels and approximately korottamien is projected to reduce CO2 emissions from dangerous 500 tonnes per year. The system is designed not exceeding 300 kilowatts (KW) is installed on the roof of the solar panels. The company anticipates that the project will begin in 2011, scheduled during the autumn 2011 have been completed.

The Sun’s Energy initiatives so as to serve as the developer of the project, and all of the Sun between rakennusprosessin devices and the balance of the system of commercial site. Product sales and services of the company must also expects to receive revenue from the sale of the management of the newly created solar electricity. The Sun’s Energy plans to partner with a major funding source for the recognized local solar photo-voltaic, start the Setup program, as well.

“This agreement is yet another example of Solar Energy’s ability to expand into new geographic areas in a large general appeal to our solar energy solutions for the provision of schools, the presence on the market,” said Mr. David Fann, CEO, Solar Energy initiatives. “It is recommended that the management of the significant growth opportunity, with the United States in the Northeast region has presented us with a commitment to the region and we try to take advantage of the Sun and other clean energy agreements. Since the US sales process continues to grow, we will be dedicated to the business model of this addressed to continue after the establishment of our market presence, encrypt Lis√§hankintojen and increase our revenue generation. “

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