44 Megawatt Montalto di Castro SunPower Solar Park to carry out on-the-sale

SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) today announced it is a ready-to-44-megawatt (MW) in Montalto di Castro Sun Park, a consortium of international investors, including MetLife, Fondo PPP Italy (Fondaco SGR Spa managed by and informed Equiter Spa) and Voigt & College (as well as funds soles 22 and bottoms 23) sales.  Designed and constructed in such a way as to SunPower solar power plant, and ongoing operations and maintenance services to the new owners. Barclays Capital announced the MetLife of this event.

Dennis Arriola, Chief Financial Officer of SunPower “finish the sale of this power plant has the objective to develop-we met, construction and monetizing 72 MW from Montalto di Castro solar Park,” said.  “We are proud of this accomplishment, and recognize the various group and dedicated to independent parties, which shall forward the results of this invitation to tender for the helped.”

Montalto di Castro SunPower, developed by solar Park is located close to Rome, where 20 MW of grid for the first phase were joined for the purposes of November 2009, several weeks ahead of Italy Lazio region. 8-MW in the second stage had ordered earlier this autumn, and the third and fourth steps, for a total of 44 MW, was carried out earlier this month. SunPower will be financed by the development and the Sun industry first-n-the-species in the land of the rising sun, in the case of bonds with the proceeds from the construction of 44 MW.

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