California grid Operator on the future of Europe, and then add the solar Energy Online planning

California Independent System operator, with a general interest in the company, which operates in the wholesale electricity market of the State high-voltage grid, most has been adopted by the five-year plan, which stresses the importance of the integration of renewable energy sources.

“Renewable energy sources, the pipeline is Signaling turn from the development of the Sun, the wind,” says the organisation’s five-year strategic plan. A large number of solar thermal power plants in California against mountaintop removal and coal sludge dams has been adopted in recent months.

Group refers to its plan, the theme of “striking a balance” cost and reliability. It finds that the supply of electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind are intermittent, require fast acting with a view to guaranteeing the reliability of backup power plants.

Furthermore, the plan States that the CAL ISO calls the “automatic demand response to” can prove to be a cost-effective way to provide backup. This refers to the use of critical times to reduce demand.

Also, the horizon is the new “smart” the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of the snap-in, and on a wider level, energy storage, says the plan.

“Until such time as these new technologies are true to a significant level,” says the plan, “INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (ISO) is a normal resource fleet rely primarily on the integration of renewable energy and it is therefore important that conventional resources are commercially viable than the development of the market still penetrations of renewable natural resources.”

The five-year plan, says that the Organization has been approved by the competent enough extra-the new objective of the provision of transmission capacity in such a State produces a 33% by 2020, the supply of electricity from renewable resources. Some projects have also been approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, and is under construction or ready to begin, the group says.

Transfer updates are not designed or in regions where solar or wind energy projects is proposed or is built. Work has begun on Sunrise Powerlink metropolitan San Diego and El Centro in between. Other transmission sites project contains only low Earth orbiting (LEO) East of San Luis Obispo, path, Tehachapi-foothills East Los Angeles County, Blythe and Coachella Valley South Nevada Ivanpah Valley, high in the desert Southwest and Barstow area between the region.

California Independent System Operator Corp. ‘s Board of Governors approved the budget for 2011, also recently which it said, is less than the current budget “, despite the increased activities in relation to the inclusion of a reliable renewable natural resources and the opening of the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (ISO) of the internal energy market, demand response and State-of-the-art storage technology.”

2011 and the management of the grid can be downloaded free of charge to users of the power grid of the wholesale toll is 79 cents per megawatt hour, the system operator said the news release.

“This is virtually unchanged from the year 2010, although the economy is slow to reduce the amount of electricity delivered to the grid. The amount for the year 2011 is estimated at 240 terawatt-hours, which is 2,4% less than the amount Budgeted in 2010, “said.

The Chief Administrative Officer of the system, Nancy Saracino “2011 budget reflects the need to manage your expenses, the press,” said. “It takes innovation and flexibility to take advantage of the hard work necessary to open our markets to maintain all at the same time, a reliable and stable grid versatile resources.”

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