Desert solar power plants face new legal Challenge Native group

Native American interests, representing the second group has filed against the Sun’s power stations, as well as the development of litigation against mountaintop removal and Southern California.

Suit filed by la CUNA de Aztlan Sacred sites Protection Circle Advisory Committee, called the five Californians of renewable energy and the protection of individuals with regard to the Organisation contends, US Department of the Ministry of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management has failed to comply with the Economic Commission for Europe concerning the adoption of the laws of a number of six in the desert sun power stations will allow construction of rights of way over this week.

The suit has been filed in U.s. District Court, San Diego, where a judge recently granted the motion, which one of the Indian reserve of Fort Yuma large scale solar power plant to the Imperial Valley in the East of San Diego, as well as the development of the parcel to be identified in the Quechan-Tribe.

Six planned solar power plants to the country-la CUNA de Aztlan named are scattered throughout the Mojave and the Colorado against mountaintop removal and coal sludge dams in the South of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In addition to the projects of the customer in the case of a dispute, the one difference is federally recognized tribe are the Quechan. The original of the tribes of Israel and the United States are subject to specific legal relations, because the sovereign tribes considered.

La CUNA is described in the complaint as a general interest group, which consists of “15 domestic and culturally aware of people who are dedicated to Blythe Giant Intaglios, keep in mind the geoglyphs and several hundred sacred sites, which are located along the coast from Needles, California, Colorado River, Yuma, Arizona, physically secure.”

Close to the desert city of Blythe Blythe intaglios, Calif., are large kaavittu depictions of the country, and shall be deemed to be the most transparent in the air, it should be noted that the figures. They became widely known after one had seen and reported by airplane-pilot in 1931. Some are situated, and the National Register of Historic Places listed. Archeologists ‘ estimates of the age is hundreds of thousands of years old.

Satellite and Aerial images are raised the question whether at least one other recently geoglyph dates from any area of at least 1994. With the exception of identification of la CUNA-geoglyphs does not specifically refers to the Group of the complaint, which lists the claims of infringement of the law of 30.

Second, the applicant’s Renewable Energy, Californians are defined in the general interest “on the development of renewable energy sources, together with the corresponding formed and the respect for the conservation of native American culture and education.”

Six persons, appointed in the territory, and also the appropriate renewable energy sources, and the original culture, clothing says.

The substance of the dispute called solar power plants are the Blythe Ivanpah Solar Power Project, will be created in the system, the solar Electric Calico Solar Project Solar Energy Project, Genesis, Imperial Valley Solar Project and Lucerne Valley Solar Project. Everything is designed for solar thermal power plants, with the exception of the Lucerne Valley project, involving the use of photovoltaic modules in electricity.

Lawsuit challenges, emphasising that, inter alia, the Interior Department and the Bureau of Land Management failed to conduct the necessary negotiations, under the law of the national Historic Preservation is not sufficient to analyze cumulative effects of projects, many of the reasons for failed to draw up projects “programmatic environmental impact statement” does not evaluate a vulnerability in the importance of the cultural environment, with a sufficient degree of probability, on the one hand, and will not be able to analyze sufficient alternatives to the projects.

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