Energy Storage Analysis WINS Grant

Published on 29. Dec 2010

Energy storage, support for widespread use of the key of the Sun and wind energy, continue to draw on research funding.

California Energy Commission reported that of the joint text approved by the California Institute for energy and the environment, a strategic analysis of the energy storage technologies, and develop the 2020 energy storage status “Visio” $ 324,998 in the form of a grant.

CIEE, University of California Energy Institute, the Branch intends to consolidate several of the State of California, including virtuaalikampusten Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego to the energy storage technology and policy experts in the research group.

An analysis of the current status of energy storage by looking at the gaps, and to identify research challenges and opportunities to develop and deploy storage energy technologies, the Commission said in a news release. The project information factors, technologies, end-use applications and business cases to the energy storage technologies in California from 2010 and 2020. The project calls for add-ins stockpiling energy industry and with others.

The results of the project will be used to assist the Commission in the California Public Utilities, which develop a specific add-ins to the energy storage policies for California Assembly Bill 2514.

The grant shall be forwarded to the Commission’s Public Interest research program. The program supports research and development in the public interest, which are intended to improve the quality of life in California, by bringing environmentally safe, reliable, and affordable energy services and products on the market. For more information, visit

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