Long Island Utility in the context of the provision of rebates a plug-in vehicle purchasing in 2011

With the new showrooms, arriving at the plug-in vehicles, Long Island Power authority has notified the $ 500 discount for purchases in 2011, acting by a qualified majority.

Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf have joined the Tesla Roadster in the middle of the snap-in to the car begins to become available to consumers.

$ 500 discount is available to those who buy the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery electric vehicle, or a snap-in utility said Declaration at Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac, Bay Shore, one of the first’s outlet forward V.

Discount program will provide financial support to customers, as well as to be able to keep track of your purchases and locations to ensure better reliability of the rear-view mirror for vehicles driven for the snap-in to the network. Information concerning the locations of such vehicles which are necessary in the planning of the future of energy security within the framework of Long Island and LIPA said.

Add-ins in the whole country has expressed its concern about the need to obtain if the vehicles are combined with the snap-in to the network, so that you can update the neighborhood of transformers, as necessary.

“LIPA is the first add-in for this type of program to provide our customers with status,” said the authority of the Chief Operating Officer, Michael Hervey. “By providing incentives for the cars, which are likely to be charged to the peak traffic times, makes it possible to take account of the efficacy of LIPA to buy at a lower cost, that will benefit all our customers from economically and environmentally.”

Since 2009, the organizations, the public authority has been studying municipally in cooperation with the New York Institute of technology and the Electric Power Research Institute, the introduction of vehicles for the snap-in. The aim of the Study was to assess the effects of the electric vehicle technology this add-in an electronic system and investigate the Sun may be charged vehicles without the power of the grid in the drawing.

The discount will be offered in accordance with the snap-ins using this utility Efficiency Long Island program, 10-annual programme for energy efficiency: realising the 924 million dollars on the basis of supplementary appropriations, ratepayers, who offers incentives, rebates and initiatives in the place of residence, and customers could help to reduce energy use at the same time to reduce electricity bills.

Power Authority also stated that the Westhampton free library has joined the Efficiency Long Island Commercial Construction Program and Solar entrepreneur Program, energy-efficient lighting and solar photovoltaic system install.

The combination is expected to save a library of more than 10 000 $ a year in electricity bills, officials said.

The library will replace the old furniture a new high-performance T8 lamps and related to the use of sensors. It also installs a 16-kilowatt photovoltaic system .33 $ 60,825 discount, starting with the authority of the Solar entrepreneur with the program. The system produces each year an estimated 18,600 kilowatt hours of electricity in the State-of-the-art.

“The library is very happy to receive discounts for us a new building in Long Island Power authority. Community adopted LEED Gold building and in the absence of fully opening in June has had its structure. Matthew Bollerman, Director of the Free library, Westhampton, you get the efficiencies of the LIPA credits allowed reducing costs over the life of the building, “said.

Authority said that since 2000, the Sun programs are intended to be more than 92 million dollar rebates in respect of the fitting of 3,696 solar PV systems for a total of 25 MW capacity ‘ adjusted. Systems are creating around 30,000 megawatt-hours annually, this utility service in the region.

For more information about Efficiency Long Island and LIPA’s solar programs is available by visiting its website http://www.lipower.org.

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