Sempra Generation, significant Sun Developer Sells stake, Gas Plant

Sempra Generation, Sempra-San Diego-based Energy, which is still carried on a subsidiary of renewable energy sources has sold half interested in natural gas power plant in California.

Occidental Petroleum, who was the owner of the other half-giganteus Hills Power, such as the plant is called, agree to buy a share of the Sempra.

Sempra Generation of December to the end of the 48-megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant of Boulder City, Nev., suburban, and applied for authorization to construct a 120-megawatt solar PV plant in the same territory. Boulder City leases energy producers and its special energy zone, which includes solar installations and natural gas plants, the protection of property. Gas-fired generation is often used in conjunction with the use of renewable energy sources, for the purpose of ensuring a steady supply of electricity, and high quality.

Sempra Generation also evolve is called Mesquite Solar approximately 40 miles west of Phoenix solar large-scale project. The property is approximately 600 megawatts of solar capacity space.

Sempra said plant consists of the purchase price, increased by a total of $ money to 179 million euros at the end of the year from the sale of money distribution giganteus Hills.
550-Megawatt power plant natural gas lignite fueled, about 25 miles west of Bakersfield, Calif., was owned by Sempra Generation and Occidental Petroleum, through a joint venture, since it began in 2003 to work.
Jeffrey w. Martin, President and CEO of Sempra Generation “this strategic sale comes at the right time to invest in Sempra Generation as we will continue growing strongly in our portfolio of alternative energy sources throughout the Western United States,” said.

Elk City Power has been described as one of the most effective Sempra ohjainlaakeritekniikan and lignite fueled gas stations of the nation. Is the Occidental’s Elk Hills in the middle of the oil and gas field.

The event has received the approval of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Sempra said the news release. Sempra Energy is the San Diego Gas & Electric utility, the parent company.

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