AQT Sun selects the second manufacturing site and the establishment of South Carolina

AQT Sun, cheap ‘ (copper-indium-gallium-diselenide) solar thin film cells, a leading developer, announced today the company has opted for Richland County, South Carolina, the second the end location. The company intends to generate 1, 000 square foot 184,000 jobs in current LEED silver certified facility over the next four years. The site, which is at the beginning of the first half of this year, upfitted, Expand the current production capacity of AQT’s and helps meet 160MW, part of which will be delivered this year through the AQT’s Sunnyvale manufacturing site in the current order backlog.
South Carolina a strong clean energy and the environment made an attractive option, find the second AQT institution. A large number of technical universities in the labour force on the date on which the obligation to provide skilled jobs, which meets the highest demands in terms of the body requires.

“The Sun has reached a significant AQT growth within a short period of time, and we are excited with the State of South Carolina will begin this next phase of our company’s development,” said Michael Bartholomeusz, CEO, AQT Sun. “This new plant is not only to increase the production capacity of over the years, but is not limited to, the AQT to help drive the clean tech sector a large space and create thousands of jobs in a sustainable, high-value. We appreciate, we got the South Carolina Department of Commerce, CentralSC Alliance and Richland County extraordinary assistance. State of the commitment at all levels are possible for this project. “

U.s. Senator Lindsey Graham, “want to Welcome AQT Solar, Inc., the South Carolina family,” said. “The nation’s few issues are as important as we need to become an independent energy and I have long believed that South Carolina could be the market leader in this effort. I am very happy, we are welcoming a new partner that will help pave the way for American energy independence, and the future of technology during the creation of our State. “

“South Carolina continues to attract investments in a wide range of companies across the nation and around the world. AQT solar manufacturing operation and create a significant number of jobs in the South Carolina decision is a positive indication that our business-friendly climate and a highly skilled workforce work to attract new investments. This notice in conjunction with the Amazon has recently with the notice a significant new opportunity to display the Columbia area. Continue to attract new job opportunities in various sectors, we must remain in the efforts to preserve the low taxes and regulation, and therefore our subscribes to new business investment. Congratulations to AQT Solar and the company much success, its endeavors here, “said Joe Taylor, Secretary of Commerce.

The new plant, Richland County, Carolina Pines is located in the heart of the developments will begin producing AQT’s breakthrough ‘ at the beginning of the solar cells to grow and eventually 2012 about 1GW annual capacity by the end of 2014. It is built off of the installation steps, targeting an annual production capacity of 30 and 60 40MW jobs this year and a total of 1 000 jobs by the end of four years from the date of entry into the build.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, “Solar technology with a view to the adoption of the paying agencies, such as the Midlands AQT high employment with huge win 1,000, and a strong sign of things to come,” said. “The Green, the knowledge-based economy is here to stay, and this puts us in a polished.”

“Richland County is very pleased to join the announcement that Sun has chosen to locate the AQT our jurisdiction months positive discussions and consultations. This announcement solidifies an alternative energy, green, high-tech market position in Richland County. We look forward to a significant number of new jobs and new investment in the creation of our County, and again a warm welcome to AQT Sun, Richland County, “said Paul Livingston, Richland County Council Chairman.

Central SC Alliance CEO Mike Briggs says, “today, a significant commitment to AQT Solar makes solar cells and thin film of Richland County, located in the development of the manufacturing facility. Our team has worked for the company in the past several months after the date of entry into force of this competitive project. They are the market leader in the technology. South Carolina University Research initiatives and the Midlands Technical College, Innovista, and Richland County business friendly attitude helped solidify this process. Central SC Alliance as the primary responsibility to hire the best companies in the classroom continues to today’s announcement. Our region is the primary location of choice for Green solidified, South Carolina businesses in their jobs and high-tech enterprises. I would like to recognize and congratulate all of the local and State officials involved in the project. “

August 2010 at the end, AQT celebrated the first is located in Sunnyvale, California, the opening of the production capacity of 15MW. This arrangement also increases the production capacity of its full-year and 30-year, the annual capacity 40MW by the end of 2011.

readySC, South Carolina staffing and training program, working closely to assist in the recruitment, as well as custom AQT training design and delivery, led the project management team. Visit for further information on the user’s timeline, the AQT rental requirements and application process for the position.

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