The GOAL of zero presents the most cost-efficient, COMPACT and lightweight solar energy here at CES 2011

The goal of zero, the portable solar systems today introduced the goal of zero in the innovator’s Guide to 10 rechargeable power pack and guide for 10 Adventure Kit, delivering the most cost-effective, compact and lightweight solar system date.
Consists of four AA rechargeable batteries, a universal serial bus (USB) port output and LED flashlight, the goal of the zero Guide: 10 power pack is designed to work in conjunction with the 7-Watt mono-crystalline solar panels, the goal of zero Nomad 7 m., together they create Guide 10 Adventure-Kit, which fully four hours full of sunlight and a variety of portable power supply and DC to USB devices.

“Portable mobile devices on the market, such as Smartphones, tablets, and the cameras continue to explode, consumers increasingly develop these devices and want to stay connected to reliance, regardless of where they are,” said Joe Atkin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the goal of zero. “A Guide to 10 Adventure Kit addresses a compact rechargeable power pack and foldable solar panel Kit, macro-porous anion exchange combination heated to provide consumers with the power of their devices anywhere, anytime.”

Create a broad functionality, a guide to 10 Adventure Kit (fully charged) transmit the power of the mobile phone 30 hours, 7-10 hours of smart phone and iPod 40 hours. A guide to 10 power pack may be charged either at the Nomad 7 M solar panel or a laptop via the USB connection.

A guide to 10 is available both as a single unit power pack ($ 39.99) as part of the Guide 10 Adventure Kit ($ 139.95) is the major retailers such as REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Bass Pro, and Cabela’s March 2011.

For more information about the goal of zero and its products visit or call us 888-794-6250.

* Visit us at booth # 25806 lower South Hall or our Outdoor space for the entire registration and displays the services.

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