Solar PV project supporters make presence in California, at the hearing

Supporters are invited to participate in the solar energy Jan. 27 hearing, San Luis Obispo County Board of supervisors, as the case may be, before the California Valley Solar Ranch project.

California-based solar photovoltaic manufacturer SunPower Corp. has proposed the installation with a net weight content not exceeding 250 megawatts of peak capacity, is a former ranch land is privately owned and constructed in such a way as to keep cultivation.

The company, whose head office is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, produces a large-scale commercial use of the modules in the establishments and homes and small businesses. It opened its first U.s. manufacturing activity this year, on request, for larger projects and helps maintain its workforce, inventory, and also recently announced a major new Office in Texas. The company’s operations are located in the heart of Austin are expected to approximately 450 jobs during the next four years.

The company is to sell the solar farm, Pacific gas and Electric Co. in the area of distribution of its service, which includes the San Luis Obispo County produced electricity contract. Times the Sun’s peak production project could serve the needs of households, most of the County, the company has said.

SunPower said the project approximately 350 local jobs during construction and produces approximately 7 million dollar sales, plus more revenue for property taxes.

Project Web site has been commercially grown there for 30 years and 55% of the real estate must be kept fixed for open space, such as the company said.

“SunPower technology has a very limited impact on the environment. It works on the classification of the topography, requires at least, is very calm and requires no fuel, and only a little bit of water purification, “the project’s Web site said.

Some of the large-scale solar projects, drawn from the California proposed opposition groups that say “distributed generation” – such as ceilings or installations – should be developed in a large central projects instead. California residential PV installation, the average size of about 5 kilowatts, it take approximately 50,000 households, photo-voltaic power capacity and support for the preparation of the work, as many of the proposed project.

“Rooftop solar installation in the current year’s legal employment, to take a 57 percentage to 10% of all homes, San Luis Obispo County powered by the Sun, the” SunPower said the project’s website. “Utility scale solar power to speed up our energy independence, to fix global warming faster than a rooftop solar energy, and reducing the price of all around the Sun.

“California Valley Solar Ranch produces solar power need to displace carbon-emitting natural gas-powered hub peaker plants, which are much more expensive to build (economically and environmentally) than this project.

“SunPower is home photo-voltaic leading distributor in the USA and around the corner from the generation of huge supporter,” the company said. “But in order to meet our growing energy demand effectively in an accountable manner, we need to rely on all types of renewable energy sources in many ways. “

1.1. the hearing must be kept at a temperature of 27-County Government Center, 1055 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, Calif. at the hearing is scheduled to start at 9.00 and may take the whole day.

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