Significant for the Sun and Carmanah ADB Airfield aviation contract in the Middle East

Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CMH) is pleased to announce that the ADB/Carmanah-solar powered team is awarded on the basis of the forward operating base in aviation, the lights of important projects in Afghanistan. Are valued at more than $ USD, less the conclusion of the contract are included in the ADB/Carmanah technical approach, the history of the field and the price of performance evaluation system.

The u.s. Department of Defense employees-you have a right to use the lights on the East of the regional command of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in to the rotary wing aviation operations support. The possibility to include the warning threshold, and the edge of the runway, the Taxiway lights associated with peripheral devices. All airfield lights are controlled using a Wireless Handheld controller and non-slip tiles to ensure flexibility in the future for mobile assignments or the extension or improvements to the airfield during the install. Mobile solar lights to remove tutkimusojien and at the expense of cable installation and reduces the risk of serious internal disturbances affecting the maintenance of airfield operations during installation.

ADB Airfield solutions and Carmanah Technologies Corporation became a member of the partnership agreement in early 2010. This recent sale is another contributing to the partnership and demonstrate the strength of the solution and the ADB Airfield solutions, Carmanah to bring the industry to work together.

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