Us, China to continue Tussle over kauppakiistan of renewable energy sources

President Obama will continue to put pressure on China to revalue its currency, when he meets with President Hu Jintao Jan. 19 issue of the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, a briefing on Wednesday.

The value of the Yuan, there are several related trade problems associated with cleaner energy, who have created the two countries, which represents the largest economies in the world between two voltages.

The US claims that China is unfairly subsidised its solar photovoltaic Manufacturing enables lower-cost it takes to hamper Us modules, solar equipment producers ‘ competitiveness.

In September, the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION (ISO) dead Union action vis-À-vis the US trade representative’s Office to determine whether the research was justified by the people’s Republic of China on trade practices of the solar equipment, and other renewable energy products.

It is alleged that the Union of the dead, in a wide range of policies, China employs to protect and support the domestic producers to unfairly wind and solar energy devices, advanced lithium for batteries and energy efficient vehicles, among other products. China is a major global supplier of solar photovoltaic modules and electric vehicle batteries and battery systems to develop the giant store utility scale solar and wind energy sectors.

The u.s. Trade Office announced in October, to investigate the complaint to the EU.

“USW has raised questions cover a wide range of Chinese Government policies affecting trade and investment in green technology. This is an essential sector in the United States. Green technology is the future work of the engine, and this Administration is committed to ensuring a level playing field for American workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs, green technology, “said Ron Kirk, a former Dallas mayor, who is a member of the U.s. trade representative, the October announcement.

Dec 22, lehdistötoimistosta-the White House announced that President Obama and Chinese President Hu meet the White House, January 19, the same day, the U.s. filed a complaint in the people’s Republic of China to trade gradually, the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Call for proposals for the rules of the World Trade Organisation negotiations before the end of the discussions and the implementation of the actions.

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION (ISO)-the Obama administration said the dead after a complaint to the Geneva Convention relating to the functioning of the WTO trade, that it had worked in the White House decides to take the “triad”-approach procedure.

The first was to identify the things that the Chinese were already changed, or change its practices, or had consented to them. The second was to consult with the people’s Republic of China, the United States considered that there was no evidence to support undeniable problems. The third was the Administration’s commitment to continue the investigation and of the people’s Republic of China on trade in the approaches to the cleaner energy technology assessments.

Trade complaint as it relates to the solar photovoltaic industry is complex, the intertwining of relations between the two countries. The biggest U.s. solar PV manufacturer, first Solar, Inc. participates in the ongoing project in China to build the world’s largest Inner Mongolia photovoltaic power plant.

Most of the people’s Republic of China is based on the manufacturer, Suntech, solar works opened the Assembly processing, Arizona, employing American. Most of the solar cells, Polysilicon, the base material, the largest U.s. based maker takes much of its production in China, where it sometimes returns the solar panels in the cell, or finished.

California is also an understanding of the Chinese province of Jiangsu, many solar companies to continue to work together on projects related to renewable energy sources in both countries with the development of the location.

Also avoid unnecessary marketing appeal of Chinese exports of rare-earth elements, which are used in wind turbines and plug in vehicles and the status of the batteries of manufacture. China produces more than 95% of these important factors, and in the last year has been reduced to considerably increase their exports. A huge Open-pit mine in California that produces rare-earth elements, significant quantities of closed about nine years ago. It is expected to be again in 2012, when the plug-in is expected to grow significantly in the manufacture of the vehicles in this country.

The currency on the u.s. Government claims that China is to keep the Yuan artificially low for export, including cheaper solar panels in order to promote sales. China says that the USA has intentionally maintained the dollar weak to promote exports.

“The people’s Republic of China will play an important role in our global economy and the huge Chinese level which must be taken of its currency, and the President will continue to make in that regard, when President Hu is here, as he did with the Foreign Minister” of the people’s Republic of China, in the light of the recent meeting, Mr. Gibbs, Press Secretary, the President said, according to a briefing on Wednesday, the White House on a supplementary basis.

The dispute between the United States and China is not renewable energy sources, that is, before the World Trade Organisation, is only one.

The Union of the dead was an application with the US trade representative to lamentations at the same time, the Japanese writing renewable energy sources in the province of Ontario, the feed in accordance with the tariff for the devices that are installed with a complaint against the World Trade Organisation, the provisions concerning the contents of the Canadian domestic market.

Feed for the payment of the tariff is simple generation of solar, wind and other renewable forms of energy. It is a common mechanism, whereby the cleaner-energy development in Europe and Asia and has proved to be very popular version of Ontario.

Japan submits that Ontario’s domestic content rules seem to “accord as originating products within the domestic Ontario less favourable treatment of imported equipment,” and, inter alia, of the domestic manufacturers of complaint unfairly viranomaistehtävästä a summary of the trade group said.

Disc 24 combinations of the people’s Republic of China, the United States against himself, asked to join the negotiations between Japan and Canada.  The European Union also invited to join the negotiations.  Canada accepts requests from the European Union and the United States in negotiations to join the Trade Organization’s dispute settlement body, said.

In any case, before the World Trade Organization, the perfect solution to take about a year, usually in the 15 months, depending on whether the complaint is lodged. Countries can resolve disputes themselves at any time during the period.

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