Us sunlight Corporation introduces the main advancement is a solar Attic ventilation

recently, the solar powered Attic fans have a broad appeal effectively as an instrument for proper attic ventilation, and supports groups, with excellent customer representatives and an expanding dealer network, the US has risen to become the sunlight Corporation, a leader in its sector.

However, the first solar powered attic fan from the beginning of the consumer asked the same questions: “it shall be carried out at night? How do I know if it is running? “

Thousands of Solar Powered Attic fans to sell because the U.s. is now also the sunlight Corporation replied to questions put to them orally by the Solar Controller piinaa Dual Mode technology deployment.

What is the Sun driver?
In short, it is a driver that manages intelligently solar ventilation. It has a built-in temperature sensors monitor the humidistat and attic ventilation environment and optimize. The best is the optional power adapter provides users to connect to the talon, when solar electricity to the fan is not a true hybrid functionality available for selection. 6 hours after the operation, the sunlight is no longer available, Solar Controller, smart logic allows the fan to run after the 8-min, 22 min, OFF dark cycle for 30 minutes. Attic ventilation can continue the evening and the operating costs of the House when the electricity is less than $ 5 a year. This is the perfect solution to continue the attic ventilation, when the Sun has set, or cloudy, humid days. Add solar Attic fans for 30% tax credit and you have the perfect combination of savings.

“The Sun, since its inception, the driver is the industry’s first solar attic fan’s actual progress. By using this product for the first time homeowner true manage their attic ventilation, “said Geoff Foreman, Executive Director, sunlight Corp. in the United States

Now you know it is running
Solar controller with remote control unit, which allows individuals to verify the status of the operation of the fan from any room in their House. In addition, consumers can display the current temperature and humidity conditions in their attic–all the button push. For more information, visit or call 866-446-0966.

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