Welspun energy Signs MoU with up to a maximum of 1320 MW Power Project States

Welspun Energy Ltd., part of a conglomerate, one of the fastest growing Welspun groups in India, today signed a memorandum of understanding, and power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Government of Uttar Pradesh (up) 1320 MW thermal power plant and Ghazipur District. The plant is scheduled for 2015, total investment of approximately Rs. in crore commissioned by 6,600. This was one of the four, the Government signed a memorandum of understanding, the UP State, establishing power plants today.

This power is currently the project is expected to more than 2500 Ghazipur installation for people in the field of direct and indirect job creation in the country, to contribute to the welfare of the Mediterranean region. Among other benefits, the project is likely to be a major boost to the development of the industry in the territory of the plugin and develop a range of investment hub.

The importance of the project assessing Mr. Vineet Mittal, Founder & Managing Director, Welspun Energy Ltd., said, “I want to compliment the Government of the State and its officials in their visionary thinking of setting up such a large infrastructure projects, which certainly goes a long way in ensuring the security of the State.” He further commented, “we are very happy to participate in the Uttar Pradesh development initiatives. Significant global reach, deep local knowledge and strong ability to perform large projects, our philosophy is focused on the development of the State comprehensive socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Sharing his optimism prospects in the State, Ms Mayawati, the Chief Minister, UP, said: “we are determined to improve public infrastructure, the powers of the State of the State and make the surplus, one of the general objective of the development of the State and to ensure the well-being of each person. I am sure that the project’s partners, such as the energy of no Welspun stone unturned, our dream of a conversion reality. ” Navneet Segal, Secretary of energy, President, UPPCL still add, “Although the land area is locked, we have created a substantial investment in the energy sector and our investor friendly policies and provide each one of the State of the State electricity and to make the most of your favorite across India commitment.”

Welspun energy intends to set up multiple thousands of MW thermal power station and 500 MW in the next five years, focusing on sustainability and green technology in different parts of India, the land of the rising sun. Welspun group has also acquired a stake in a financial conglomerate is the sector of India, Australia, Leighton Leighton Holdings, one of the order book, 42 billion dollars, which has significantly increased the international experience of its own strengths Welspun and infrastructure capacity in the sector through the execution of the world’s largest companies as part of the EPC.

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