Premier Power renewable energy Announces 3 MW 1. solar module supply agreement with JinkoSolar

The Premier Power energy in the energy, Inc. (OTCBB: PPRW), the leading photovoltaic power system integrator has signed JinkoSolar co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar”), with the fast-growing supply of the product, the manufacturer of the Sun, the people’s Republic of China in the list of actions based on the cheap, the New York Stock Exchange in accordance with the character of the JKS. Under the terms of the agreement shall be submitted to the Premier Power JinkoSolar 1.3 megawatts of solar modules to multi-crystalline in the first quarter of 2011.

The agreement allows you to extend its range of Premier contains another high-quality supplier with cost-effective production. JinkoSolar’s vertically integrated manufacturing Forum offers a more efficient product development and production in the manufacturing process shorter, better manage the quality of the test cycles and fewer vertically integrated solar company compared to the cost of production, as well as lower. JinkoSolar will make considerable efforts to continuously improve the quality of their products, even if that requires technique, equipment, strict quality control procedures and the ISO 9001 quality management standards. JinkoSolar has received CE and TÜV and UL Certifications for degrees in Europe, all solar modules sold in the United States sold all the solar modules.

“The Premier Power is always seeking innovative leader in the integration of solar energy systems. Welcome to our group of strategic vendors, JinkoSolar for whom we work closely with you to maximize your performance on a continual basis, and the costs relating to the position, “said Dean marks, President and CEO of Premier Power renewable energy sources.

“We are excited to develop a long-term relationship with a leading global player in the Premier Power of the Sun, including, but not limited to,” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors: JinkoSolar Mr. Xiande Li. “our products are available as an efficient, affordable and reliable products today. We are pleased that we chose the Premier power supply agreement with our first major US market as we Expand our geographic presence and growth of the market capitalization of us from the Sun. “

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