eIQ energy Solar technology selected for 1.8-Megawatt Solar Power a parallel, Murrieta, Calif.

eIQ energy Solar technology has been selected for the parallel new 1 megawatt solar installation 8 Bee safe storage in an irradiation facility, Murrieta, Calif, creating significant up-front cost, and the ongoing energy savings benefits of harvest.
Run the installation EcoOneEnergy, Escondido, Calif, driving several Inverters crystalline solar modules.

The size of the array, this requires thousands of solar modules. Traditionally they are connected to a series of wired strings (usually a dozen or two of each of the modules), each with a wired-to-box and an inverter combiner are routed.

Choice eIQ energy instead of parallel wiring vBoost enabled by the DC-DC voltage optimizer approach, the need for cables, combiner boxes, and other hardware dramatically reduced – is the amount of work needed to provide the installation source during patch installation. Hardware savings alone Bee for the safe storage project is one of the hundreds of thousands of dollars, by offsetting the cost of energy than eIQ vBoost that is installed in the control panel or panels.

EIQ energy during the lifetime of the installation of Solar technology also offers a parallel distributed MPPT, precision level control panel and performance at a lower capacity using operational data of the Web-based access. VBoost eliminates power panels of the same string sapping interactions, which are leading to a different shade, soiling, ageing or other problems.

“Side-by-side approach was the obvious choice for the Solar installation,” said Eugene Wilkie, CEO, EcoOneEnergy. “It is for us designers can focus on what would be the best power released, instead of the string without having to worry about the architecture and the voltage control. We are also saving a considerable amount of combiner boxes, cable and conduit, and snap-together with the connection to the huge vBoost modules are a time-saver. “

EIQ energy CEO Oliver Janssen “as we approach the first access to the markets is vBoost anniversary, we are seeing increasingly parallel Solar traction in the marketplace,” noted. “Bee for the safe storage project is the largest US date and me in the drawing of a commercial-scale plants for interest indicator If the savings really add.”

Mike Delaney, President and CEO, the folder for the safe storage of the bee, “generating electricity at the end of the installation to complete the trellis for the safe storage of the Bee, Murrieta offers valuable as the shadow storage area, is located in the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle”.

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