New energy technologies Announces Scientific Advisory Board of solar PV and appointment of the experts in the field of energy harvesting

The new Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NENE), developer of the next generation of alternative and renewable energy technologies, announced today a widely published expert and solar photovoltaics, Dr. Steven Hegedus; authority meetings and planning and energy harvesting expert, Mr. Jerry Lynch, the company’s Scientific Advisory Board, PE.

“We are pleased to Welcome Dr. Steven Hegedus and Mr. Jerry Lynch, team, PE” stated John a. Conklin, President and CEO, new Energy Technologies, Inc. “as we advance MotionPower ™ SolarWindow ™ and the clean tech space, we can significantly benefit from introducing these individuals brings us the technology and development, business expansion and goals of the tour expertise.”

Appointments, follow the steps in the “new energy today, in the light of the recent announcements regarding the company’s efforts to promote the MotionPower ™ and SolarWindow ™ technologies towards the end of the tour.

Earlier this month, new energy, announced that the company will continue its technical groups, the first-in-its-kind MotionPower ™ systems for generating electricity by capturing the otherwise wasted kinetic energy development has been decelerating for cars and trucks, such as toll-simultaanitulkkaustilojen, would you like to stay at the drive-thrus, stop signs, and truck weigh stations.

In addition, to develop the company’s novel SolarWindow ™ technology, creating electricity, See thru the glass Windows so that it can play an important role in the research breakthrough, researchers reached which could lead to improved efficiency, cost and manufacturability of future commercial SolarWindow ™.

It is important to the development stages of SolarWindow ™ application of electricity-producing coatings, power and durability, optimization techniques and methods. The company has also confirmed its power production output template, there is a need for potential customers to offer performance and economic model for the calculation of the cost savings associated with the SolarWindow ™ application building facades; Dr. Steven Hegedus fix recently SolarWindow ™ power production model at an early stage.

Today, new energy, announced Dr. Steven Hegedus and Mr. Jerry Lynch, its Scientific Advisory Board on the appointment of the PE.

Dr. Steven s. Hegedus, Research Scientist, renowned expert in photovoltaics

Dr. Hegedus is a Research Scientist, Institute of energy conversion (IEC), the University of Delaware (UD), the world’s oldest photovoltaic research laboratory.

Dr. Hegedus is credited with more than 90 scientific publications related to the thin film solar cell fabrication, characterization, and manufacturing and reliability studies and has actively participated in numerous solar cell technologies, which later in the development of the balances.

It is important to the development of the SolarWindow ™ continuous, Dr. Hegedus has particular expertise related to the improvement of the optical, textured transparent friendly nitrogen (TCO) thin film analysis and device characterization, accelerated degradation of heterojunctions and stability in the circumstances.

Dr. Hegedus also serves as the principal investigator industry-funded programs to improve the output of solar cells by using chemical processes. Working through the commercial sector, Dr. Steven s. Hegedus has developed technology that allows to describe a significant barrier to ensure long-term performance in organic photovoltaic modules of varying environmental stability. He is the co-editor manual photovoltaic science and technology.

Dr. Hegedus had, in the case of the Western Reserve University School of korkeakoulututkintoa in 1977, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University and a Ph.d. in electrical engineering from UD Business.

Mr. Jerry Lynch, PE, energy harvesting and Engineering expert

Mr. Jerry Lynch, p.e., is in principle engineer at Sigma Design company located in Springfield, Massachusetts, New Jersey and currently serves in the new energy development lead engineer MotionPower ™ Express technology for passenger cars and light trucks motion generating electricity. Mr. Lynch is credited to the MotionPower ™ system early in the development of prototypes and has worked for major performance and sustainability to achieve milestones.

Mr. Lynch has 25 + years of experience in creating innovative designs, implementation process improvement and business problems. Top-level Director he is responsible for new product development at all stages. He has significant experience in the technology for purchases and is launching a new manufacturing process 6 writes for the company. He is responsible for the design and innovative technology in a number of successful new products and services to start. Mr. Lynch has significant international experience in large projects in Abu Dhabi, u.a.e., in France, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Spain. In the last 7 years he has personally participated in the four pilot projects, in particular in the field of renewable energy-solar and hydrokinetic power generation.

Mr. Lynch is a licensed professional engineer, NY and NJ and have been a number of articles on design and manufacturing. Jerry NIST certified LEAN manufacturing expert and has helped more than 20 companies for the development of processes and approaches, and smart tags. He owns two U.s. patents, with 4 patents. He belongs to the American filtration & separation of society, and served as Chairman of the AFS national 2006-2007, other joints are Manufacturing Engineers society and ASME SNAME. Mr. Lynch of the Board of Directors of Middlesex College Engineering Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Board “Filtering of news”, the newspaper industry, the trade mark, that is.

Mr. Lynch is BS State University, New York, Stony Brook, MS corporate Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ-a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Mr. Lynch has lead the company’s research and development engineer MotionPower ™ Express system, designed the installations resulting from the combination of road and where the vehicles needed to decelerate or stop the process, helping to slow down the vehicle. MotionPower ™ captures slowing the vehicle is in motion (kinetic) energy before it is lost to friction and heat the brakes and converts this energy into creative, “clean,” green electricity.

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