Siemens and Suntech Anna PV panels on

Asia 1 2011 signed a framework contract with the energy, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE: STP), the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules. This umbrella agreement pursuant to the photovoltaic modules are several projects in Europe.

Martin Schulz, Vice President of Siemens photovoltaics renewable energy Division, “Siemens offers solutions for photovoltaic power plants in the EPC,” said. “We are a reliable PV With Suntech plants provide our customers with bankable partner.” In the last seven months, Siemens has ensured capacity of photovoltaic plants connected to more than 80 MW of six different country orders. Such as the EPC contractor company deals with solar power by combining in-house components such as transformers and Inverters, or by an independent panel of outsourcing and turnkey construction of local sourcing.

Stokes, President of Suntech Jerry Europe said: “we are excited for the strategic cooperation with a strong partner such as Siemens. We have already started an investigation is carried out projects throughout Europe, developed by the agreement. Siemens ‘ global presence to facilitate joint projects in Europe and the rest of the world, “and” as available “basis.

Photovoltaic plants are part of the Siemens ‘ environment. Fiscal 2010 revenue portfolio in one of the approximately 28 billion of the world’s largest supplier of ecofriendly Siemens technology. At the same time, products, solutions and customers can reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, 270 million tonnes, Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo, Delhi, and Singapore, an amount corresponding to the total annual emissions of CO2 of megacities.

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