Uganda Announces Advanced feed in tariff, including solar PV systems

Two weeks ago it was Turkey. The concept of the “most promising newcomer” — not the revised its feed, the Turkish customs tariff program expanding moderately, and added a new twist bonuses “Made in Turkey” with the products.

Last week was the United States, the former military foe, Viet Nam, the baptized its toe into the tariff proposal by the feed.

But it is in Uganda, which specifies the spinning heads. Quietly and without fanfare, Uganda has one of the developed programs, where you are the best in Africa.

Viet Nam

Vietnam is a rough and limited offer only for the purposes of the tariff classification of the wind. In addition, the tariff paid by the public aid presumably taxpayers Communist country.

In addition, preferential loans and Viet Nam also tax abatement in the selected projects.


Ugandans quietly launched they simply call tariff and renewable energy sources or refit the equipment program. Uganda, followed by South Africa and Algeria in the early part of the feed in tariff programs. However, Uganda becomes worldwide have learned the lessons from other programs. Uganda-the program provides a whole series of techniques, such as geothermal and hydropower, bagasse, details of a particular technology, as well as tariffs and the program caps tariffs.

Of particular importance is highly differentiated tariffs for hydro power projects, 1 8 megawatts. The tariffs are actually linear but resembles a 100 kW at a time.

In addition, Uganda-the program determines the capacity of the capital at the end of each year in technology. This is a clear, practical guidance on how much of the country wants that technology.

The following sections are included:

The size of the CAP: the project of less than 20 MW, inflation adjustment is based on the tariff; the cost of the O & MHallinnoi Uganda electricity regulatory authority;Tariffs are based on the generation of profit; kustannuksetVesivoiman prices are staggered, depending on the size of a 100-kilowatt at a time;Tariffs will be offered eight different techniques, such as geothermal, Program capacity caps are established in a Member State-of-the-art technology, and year.


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