Aide Solar Begins Phase 2 expansion of its solar energy production plant in China Include 2GW, module capacity housed in a single facility

Sale, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–to increase the General customers, Aide Solar ( today announced its ambitious Move it broken ground on the enlargement of the planned phase 2, there are 1 million sq. ft. poly and mono crystalline solar cell and module production plant in Xuzhou PV, the people’s Republic of China. Expansion requires new 947,225 square foot production facility, which will be one of the roof module capacity 2GW apartment when it starts production in the fourth quarter of 2011.
Phase 2 construction at the end of the facility exists for the Aide Solar Xuzhou solar cell production, the House is hereby amended as follows: rows only, allowing the cell to expand production in the future. The existing plant, and the recently proposed solar module, the port facility is located in the 600-Acre campus of the parent Aide Solar PANJIT group owned.

“We are still dedicated to the efficient and reliable delivery of the products in the Sun in time,” said Jason Fang, Chairman, Aide in the land of the rising sun. “To the individual port facility on our campus and consolidated balance sheet of the solar module capacity 2GW give Aide Solar separate cost and production efficiency, competitive advantage and customer responsiveness.”

In addition, the expansion of its production to factories in China, the Aide Solar established, Sale, Ariz, the North American headquarters in March 2009 and the address of the forecasted growth in the US market. The global solar photovoltaic demand is projected to reach EUR 20.4 in 2011, Solarbuzz ®, international solar energy market research and a consulting company GW. Solarbuzz quarterly report, 10 6 photovoltaics GW were installed in 2010, in the first nine months of the chart the course for a record. As a result, increased its 2010 Solarbuzz, 16 3 forecast for GW by 2010, a result that would constitute a 117% growth in 2009.

“Strengthening the capacity of our module and extension allows you to have a greater impact on the delivery of alternative energy options,” said Eddy Fang, Vice President, sales and marketing in the world, Aide in the land of the rising sun. “Having so many single module capacity to represent the State-of-the-art facility, and we will respond to the signature of a milestone for the continuous growth and quickly in the Sun on the market that Aide Solar sees in the u.s. and around the world.

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