High-altitude solar PV plants are tied to the grid

The world’s largest installation of photovoltaic solar power plant to describe the height has been connected to Lhasa, Tibet to the grid.

The South Korean company OSolar, said, it is one of the 10 megawatt installation monitoring system is used for the axis.

PV solar power plant was mandated by the Longyuan (Beijing) Sun’s Engineering Technology Co., a subsidiary of China Guodian group.

“This institution is situated at an altitude of 4,300 metres, which makes it the world’s highest PV power, and we are delighted to part of the initiative,” said Jihun Kim, OSolar, seat of the Soul by the chief executive of co.

High altitudes around the world, including solar powered outhouses Mount Whitney, California and Mount Rainier in Washington is one of the many small-scale-voltaic. Many of the satellites and the international space station also draw the power from the Sun.

Conergy OSolar, previously called the Republic of Korea (DPRK), said the tracking system to deliver 20% more energy than fixed-tilt capacity material per kilowatt.

14,107 feet altitude approximately is only a few hundred feet of the Summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in U.s. mainland is lower.

OSolar represents itself as the solar Integrator that offers services such as consulting, design, construction, and operations and maintenance.

China Guodian, is a major power producer in the people’s Republic of China, which has been involved in the initial discussions, the factorial of one or more large solar PV projects in California.

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