Suntech Power receives “Murphy & Spitz, a worldwide leader in prize 2011” World Economic Forum in Davos to 2011

M & S annual report on research on environment and sustainable development of photovoltaic industry standards shall be published no later than Monday

Dr. Zhengrong Shi, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Suntech Power, received the “Murphy & Spitz Global Leader Award 2011” established under the auspices of the World Economic Forum. Murphy & Spitz prize honors Dr. Shi Enterprise for its Exemplary standards of environment and sustainable development. Since 2001, Suntech Power has been realizing cost-effective solar energy and energy technology breakthroughs to the challenge. Murphy & Spitz for Suntech, Director, and a model of good practice in Asia.

When preparing a report on the study of the environment and sustainable development of photovoltaic industry standards, Nicole Vormann Murphy & Spitz, Director of research for the sustainability of the Suntech Power was one of the company is emulated. “We deliberately changed its schedule our on-site Wuxi Suntech, the people’s Republic of China, and asked to see the non-scheduled services at hazardous materials storage and handling of the water. Ms. Vormann Suntech Power of sustainable development, the team showed exceptional transparency during our visit, “said.

Investment company, Murphy & Spitz Awards “Murphy & Spitz Global Leader Award” model companies that sustainability of investments. In addition, the environment, vocational and social standards also reflects the economic aspects of the contract. “The world’s leading Murphy & Spitz sense can only be a sustainable company. Global leaders are currently working on the most urgent problems of our time, “explains Murphy solutions & managing partner, Philipp Spitz Spitz.

Suntech Power develops, produces and sells worldwide reliable and cost effective solar energy systems. The company was founded in 2001, the photovoltaics scientiest Dr. Zhengrong Shi, and has become the world’s largest manufacturer of silicon solar modules. Suntech Power has branches in 13 countries, with regional headquarters in San Francisco, Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Wuxi (PRC). Suntech is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: STP).

Murphy & Spitz was founded in 1999, and it is one of the most experienced investors in the German speaking for the sustainability of the sector. Murphy & Spitz manages four private sustainability portfolios list & Spitz green capital Murphy AG (A0KPM6) and renewable energy sources in the independent power producer, Murphy & Spitz green energy. Murphy & Spitz is one of their own research expertise on sustainable development in the German speaking countries, in particular by focusing on aspects of a few experts.

Contact person: Murphy & Spitz GmbH, Nicole Vormann, Director of sustainability research, Riesstrasse 2, D-53113 Bonn Tel.: 228-240-6667-911-0, e-mail:;

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