Tucson, Ariz. buy solar Electricity directly from the Utility

Tucson electric power customers who wish to use solar electricity, you can buy it directly without having to install a solar array, the add-in.

The utility has announced a new program, which it sells the “blocks” solar electricity to customers in 150-kilowatt hours at a time.

The energy comes from a new 1-6-megawatt Solar array in the zone, the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park, Tucson company developed.

“This system is for more than a dozen local solar projects that are built in the next years, to help us take advantage of the southern Arizona most abundant renewable energy resource,” said Paul Bonavia, President and CEO, Tucson electric power and its parent company, Unisourcen, in the fields of energy, the news release.

Matrix developed by Solon Corp., Tucson, Arizona, whose production manufacturing site sold directly to customers in a new Bright Tucson community solar program. Feb 1, starting from the matrix of energy will be available in 150 kwh “blocks”, add $ 3 per clients ‘ monthly invoices. Customers can purchase some or all of their energy through the program to reduce or eliminate the use of conventional power.

“Anyone who wants to power your home or business cards, and solar energy to simply claim that this new, local solar system output,” said Mr. Bonavia. “Investing in Oman rooftop material continues to be an excellent option, but Bright Tucson Community Solar program offers an easy and inexpensive way to go, the rest of our community by dividing the solar array is essentially green.”

Because solar electricity cost more than conventional energy resources of the programme shall be open to the participation of the increasing customers ‘ electric bills – at least for now, said the press release of the add-in. Each block to replace conventional power speed, which remain for 20 years under the rules approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, the corresponding amount. This means that participants can lock a steady supply of green power price, which could produce significant savings if the cost of fossil fueled power continues to grow.

“The program is perfect for real estate owners, vuokrakonetta, whose ceilings are not fully exposed to the Sun, or anyone who wants to solar energy without the up-front cost of the benefits or ulkomaanrahaan,” said David Hutchens, vice president of energy efficiency and resource planning, Tucson electric power and energy Unisourcen.

The Solar array is expected to produce enough energy to make approximately 1,600 kwh per month by our customers after their stay at 150 blocks available. Add the blocks become available, such as the add-in, expand its solar resources. The company announced it will invest $ 28 million for the period of such systems, and has proposed a similar plans for the next three years, at the level that would lead to a total of 28 MW or enough energy to power nearly completely new capacity to 4,500 Tucson homes.

Tucson electric power also plans to buy 10 new utility-scale solar systems in the area of the planned output for the development of Tucson. Proposed systems, the size of the 2 pisteväli 35 MW, combined with the utility company owned resources of more than 160 MW combined cycle power plant in the Sun at the end of 2014, the creation of a generation. It has enough power to serve more than 25000 Tucson homes, the company said.

TEP’s largest existing solar resource remains in Springerville, Arizona created the solar system, which was a Station that is extended to MW, over the past year. A utility that is located near the largest coal-fired power plant in eastern Arizona system generates enough power to serve more than a thousand Tucson homes.

“The Springerville, Arizona-our system has produced more than purely the power of renewable energy sources, and is now the Decade helped establish a TEP solar pioneer,” said Mr. Bonavia. “As we move forward, even if we going to focus strongly on expanding our Sun of southern Arizona resources.”

Solon Corp., developed a new 1.6-megawatt table contains the complete modular solar fields are designed to help you quickly scale capacity, add-ins. The system is integrated into a single axis solar trackers, 11 5,808 275 Watts-Modules, manufactured in the company of Tucson in an irradiation facility. Solon’s parent company headquarters in Germany.

“Our Velocity MW, such as to display the add-in partners, TEP for rapid and reliable solar energy,” said Alcombright, regional Vice President and general manager of Solon, Dan. “We commend the TEP of locally manufactured solar programs that use the Sun to Tucson to integrate. In conjunction with Solon and the TEP is committed to supporting the local Tucson community jobs and a sustainable future. “

Five solar power systems are designed for the development of the Arizona University Solar zone if solar industries, research and projects in the future, in conjunction with the 200-acre site demonstration. Planned systems includes two 2-megawatt concentrating photovoltaic systems, 4-megawatt tracking PV array, 5-megawatt PV array has a fixed and 5-megwatt by concentrating solar thermal plants with integrated storage.

“UA and Tucson electric power is a common interest in leveraging Sun’s technology and innovation in the region,” said the President of the Robert n. Shelton University. “We have a large, long-term economic opportunities for the creation of new jobs in southern Arizona, where we will be creating a new, advanced technology at the forefront in the use of solar energy.”

“This project offers the opportunity to explore new strategies for energy and to promote new applications in the land of the rising sun. This unique collaboration between TEP and comply with our innovative research for UA, which benefits all Arizonans, “Mr. Shelton said.

For more information, see the “Bright Tucson community solar program is available on the company’s Internet site at tep.com.

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