Carmanah Announces Lightech Israel according to the application of judicial

Carmanah Technologies Corporation (Texas a & M University: CMH) solar LED lighting and power systems for industrial applications in the region, the Chief has learned that Lightech Electronics Ltd. and certain of its shareholders have been filed a claim statement, Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel Carmanah Technologies Corporation v Office for harmonisation in the internal, Carmanah’s subsidiary in Israel, one of the aims and specific Carmanah’s officers will be USD $6 million for the modernisation of the District Court for the State-of-the-art. The argument clause, which has not been served or named defendants, Carmanah’s aborted merger agreement Lightech and Carmanah, inter alia, a breach of it.
“It is disappointing that it has decided to respond to this Lightech merger agreement termination,” said Ted smooth Lattimore, CEO, adding “Carmanah has always acted in good faith and had the right to terminate the agreement in the form of a concentration. As previously announced, we are looking for a return of the signing of the levy, which was developed under the merger agreement and Lightech been filed claims Lightech British Columbia Supreme Court. ”

Carmanah has the opposition, to examine Lightech when it is served and after hearing the opinion of the legal adviser, acting as agent, and Carmanah intends to defend the claim, which strongly believes that it is completely without merit, Carmanah.

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