China’s Sun News Digest, January 23

Electrical transformer manufacturer, Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric, Hebei province, based on the announced in December that its subsidiary, Baoding TianWei SolarFilms, was awarded the supply of 1, 3-megawatt thin film silicon solar cells based on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) project, Mancheng, Hebei province.

The terms of the agreement, the delivery took place at the end of last year. The agreement also includes a large area transparent silicon based thin film modules supply developed TianWei SolarFilms research and testing center for a new product. Modules generate electricity on both sides and on large-scale, high-power and efficient production.

“BIPV project, which has been identified as one of the central management of the national” Golden Sun “-projects includes two production plants and the construction of an office building and will of the people’s Republic of China, that uses solar cells and thin film of replacement components, the largest single BIPV project is completed,” said the President of Tianwei Baobian Electric Ding Qiang.

China’s largest pure-electric bus manufacturing facility was advertised in the recently introduced Xiangcheng county, Xuchang city, Henan province. 20 Clean electric buses Zhongwen brand below the direct delivery of the first tranche of the rolled Xuchang ‘ s use of the electric mass transit system

The estimated investment in the creation of 2 billion RMB (approximately US $ 300 million) for the 4-million-square-meter facility construction began in March 2010. The completion of the body, the annual production capacity is expected to be 20,000 buses.

Zhongwen bus uses aluminum alloy materials of the body much lighter the vehicle, and the ability to carry more passengers than traditional buses. In addition, the bus will not be able to traverse the battery up to 225 Miles.

In the meantime, Henan province, shall bring into force the measures for the Electric industry to operate in the production capacity of 250,000 vehicles of the Burgenland by 2015 in order to facilitate the development of.

Jiangxi province-LDK Solar-based, announced January 6 that it acquires a 70% stake, Roseville, California based on Solar Power, Inc. (SPI) for us $ 33 million euros.

According to the plan of acquisition, LDK Solar acquires some SPI’s manufacturing equipment and take total control of the former SPI module manufacturing facility in China, Shenzhen, even if the SPI is one of the best ways to work to improve the logistic group, Shenzhen project development, planning, and related project management to a new location in Shenzhen.

LDK Solar President and CEO Xiaofeng Peng says that the event will help to strengthen its balance sheet and business resources, as well as to improve construction and utility solar power generation systems and distributed implementation of the SPI. In addition, the transaction is expected to improve the LDK Solar’s vertical integration, the ability of the Sun, especially in the downstream sectors of the economy in the area, as well as its commercial model of competitive advantages.

The power of the Sun, the Chairman and CEO Steve Kircher also said the project in order to ensure the development of the agreement and to improve the company’s competitive strength and the advantages of the new vertically integrated platform.

China News Digest Yuanyuan Liu and Wen Jian Nanjing Nanjing, Shanglong communications in the people’s Republic of China.

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