IKEA chooses the REC solar energy solution for locations in Germany and the United States

Maailman the leading home furnishings retailer IKEA is selected in the REC and REC solar systems, modules, PV systems installed in two of their buildings in Germany.

With more than 200 solar system providers to compete for the REC systems Germany GmbH was elected to the Federal Republic of Germany, the two installations of systems solution. School of M2 (0.83 acres), producing 449,000 kilowatt-hrs (kWh), Regensburg, Germany, the store around the corner from the end of September were joined for the purposes of the grid. 430KW-installation in the transition to 398 tonnes per year of CO2. Second rooftop installation with a 4,300 square meters (0.32 acres) of the engine speed for producing multiple images of 149,000 kWh was installed in Germany and in Freiburg, connected to the network in December. 150 Kilowatt installation offset 132 tonnes per year of CO2. “We produced our lighting Department, and the furniture exhibition, as well as the customer’s restaurant in the land of the rising sun,” says Michael Armin, Head, enlargement, IKEA in Germany. Completion of previous joint projects focusing on the success of the Goldbeck Solar rooftop and ground, a large industrial construction company installed one of our partner projects contracted in Germany IKEA REC PV installations.

“REC is proud that IKEA selected systems team to provide these facilities, in addition to benefitting from our large carrier modules and their price,” said John Andersen, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jr group rec. REC Systems Group manages the development, design, installation and financing of larger scale projects in the field, and a rooftop for free.

Currently, the REC is also provides modules for three projects of u. s. IKEA: two stocks on the East Coast and the Southern California distribution center, that Member State, on the one hand, the second largest commercial roof system. Colorado-site also announced recently.

IKEA is committed to sustainable development practices is of negligible interest with respect to the impact on the environment and the use of solar energy will improve the energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. TIME magazine as one of the top eight are listed in the IKEA is one of the most common eco-conscious companies.

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