Sunvalley Sun profits in accordance with the manufacturer’s patented technology to continue to support the

Solar, Inc. (OTC BULLETIN BOARD: SSOL), solar technology, solar systems, a leading provider of integration and announced that the PV manufacturers in China to lend its support to further develop and commercialised Sunvalley has its own patented solar technology

Nov 2010 Sunvalley Solar appealed on offered ENERGIAMINISTERIÖ (DOE), according to the JAPANESE SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants. Sunvalley Solar proposed “Surface Plasmon PV hub” designed for PV cells. This is the first PV concentrator surface Plasmon resonance. This innovative design is based on patent pending technology Sunvalley Solar. The development of this technology could scrap panel manufacture and to improve the efficiency of solar cells. The evolution of this technology will continue to attract manufacturers in China, such as, according to the China Sunergy CEEG (Nasdaq: shall) and Tianwei Solarfilms.

“We are very excited by this proposal for its technological innovation opportunities, and it provides a high quality but cost-effective nanofabrication tools option. This new technology is useful for us enterprise applications, “said Sally fan, Sales Manager from China Sunergy CEEG.

“The end user and the developer of solar cell modules, Baoding Tianwei is happy to see that Sunvalley Solar, Inc. tries to build these innovative solar cell modules lithographic technology, the next generation. Because this technology is a unique opportunity for next-generation thin film solar cell to accelerate deployment, we fully comply with the provisions of this proposal. The technology has proven to be feasible, should be, we would like to work with Sunvalley Solar, Inc. aggressively to bring this innovation to the market, “said Mickey Liu, Managing Director-Baoding Tianwei Solarfilms co.

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