Cleaner energy development “in the economic race,” Secretary Chu says

Cleaner energy for the development of the economy of the breed, which is the “switch in the future much more profound influence on their lives,” U.s. Secretary of energy Steven Chu said Wednesday at the State of the Union message President Obama drafting.

The President said in his speech in Congress and a cleaner energy should be a focus in the coming years, the administration of the nation and an integral part of the “winning the future.”

Mr. Obama has lent is described in the last year, when he referred to “Sputnik moment.” speech of Mr. Chu, respectively, in 1957, the Soviet Union, stunning Us public, restart the grapefruit-sized satellite that has risen to the top of the State of the United States and sends radio signals back to the advanced capabilities that many Americans frightened.

“It was a wake-up call – we had fallen in technologically,” Mr. Chu said, in which he discussed in detail in the management of energy Blueprint, will be collected, and organized by the Energy Department and the broadcast online. The Chairman and Secretary and sources said today, “Sputnik moment” requires, in the case of countries which are ramping up their ability to produce power sources, in addition to compete with fossil fuels.

An important starting point, it is necessary to understand that other countries are moving forward rapidly, developing alternative energy sources “in the world, where we have higher oil prices,” and “if we have to produce solar, wind energy,” Secretary of State for energy and cleaner sources said.

As part of the ongoing transformation of the “countries in different parts of the world” is recognized, that the vehicle electrification system is an important part of the future, he added, and another field, where competition is keen.

Solar photovoltaics are the key to the development of cleaner energy, the Secretary said. “We believe we can run the energy cost of photovoltaics” to compete directly with fossil fueled generation without the cost of subsidies by the end of the Decade, he said.

The mass use of all forms of energy generation are currently heavily subsidized and his the President of the Union speech is called by removing subsidies to state oil and invest in future energy technologies instead. Such as solar electricity cost declines, “this is a huge world,” Mr. Chu said.

The development of cleaner energy, create jobs, he added.

The State of the Union speech, the President urged the nation to get 80% of its electricity from clean sources in 2035, including “clean coal,” natural gas, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy sources.

The aim is not just as ambitious as it appears because the country gets only about 45% of its electricity from coal now, shall be deemed to be the “dirtiest” fuel. Even if the cleaner coal technologies in development, “we have a game plan to try to find out how you can”, the Secretary and the sources said.

Energy storage is playing an important role in the integration of renewable energy sources in the nation, electricity grids, Mr. Chu is added, as natural gas, which is often produces electricity demand will rise quickly when the peak times.

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