Sun Universe makes solar more affordable BriteLease ™

Solar Universe Announces 2011 ™, Suntech Solar lease program, housing, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer loan availability.  This provision of the lease of the Sun as far as the determination of the compatibility of individuals, small and low deposit monthly rents range. Solar electricity for a new lease, together with lower monthly electric cost lead for most homeowners.  And the savings are immediate, giving homeowners the opportunity to use the money for, among other things, or save it.

In addition, the financial interests of the BriteLease makes going solar conversion system maintenance, repair service and insurance coverage for all is included in the term of the lease.

“This solar lease allows for $ 500, the Sun energy and save money at the same time.  You only pay for the $ 500 deposit, that is it! All other solar lease for 20 years, the company BriteLease is only 15 years.  What is better, you can sell the House within 15 years, and the lease is changed.  Mitch Katz, Sun Universe Franchise owner, Ventura & Los Angeles Counties electrical rates guaranteed rise each year, why not power bill now, “said.

Founded in 2001, Suntech solar modules to produce the world’s largest silicon. Development and manufacture of the last delivery of Suntech offers the most reliable solar solutions for homes, businesses, and large scale solar power plants. State of the art manufacturing and continually focus on innovation, Suntech is of the highest quality products are able to offer its customers at an affordable price.

The Universe is a locally-owned Sun and operate on the basis of the company’s nationwide network of the Sun and the solar system, providing planning, part of the financing options and installation of residential customers. Sun Universe strives to each customer in order to reduce or eliminate the cost of solar electricity from their solutions. The company’s many options for financing and lease program BriteLease, homeowners and businesses more opportunities than ever before to buy or rent in the land of the rising sun.

If you are interested in BriteLease the Solar Universe or a Solar Universe services, call (805) 777-7477 or email BriteLease for more information, see

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