Petra solar celebrates the Sun and the smart grid, integrated solutions to the world’s first Network Operations Center Grand opening

Petra solar, which combines state-of-the-art systems SunWave ™ solar generation of Smart grid, decentralised communication and improved grid reliability features, New Jersey based company celebrated the Grand opening today and its Network Operations Center (NOC). NOC left Petra Solar’s command center, where the company will use its smart grid management software to remotely control all of the Sun and the Smart grid resources in the area, as well as in the u.s. and around the world.

NOC at the dawn of the Petra Solar can now offer the service of a highly skilled resource management add-ins, monitor and manage their resources in the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy and Smart grid. In the middle of the properties of the existing guidance and equipment expert and highly scalable and secure applications in the management of very large distributed systems deployments on a broad range of SunWave geographical region. These Smart grid management software applications to offer to our utility partners, grid reliability and operational advantages that go beyond the Sun.

“Petra Solar’s Network Operations Center will continue to launch shows us commitment to solar and Smart grid technology leadership and international expansion. Our state of the art NOC, we have the ability to remotely operate and monitor our SunWave and have a positive impact on the reliability of the grid around the world. Petra Solar’s engineers have to manage our system 24/7 to collect important information on the basis of the continuous provision of the service, the premier global add-in for our customers, “said Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Petra Solar.

NOC in order to supplement the Petra Solar, has opened a dealer to demonstrate the installed wood, concrete, and aluminium and streetlight poles SunWave units. The showroom is included in the tour of Petra Solar Solar energy grid’s Systems integration (SEGIS) technology, developed with the U.s. Department of energy contract. This innovative technology to create SEGIS Petra Solar solutions, in order to ensure that Sun increases the stability of the grid, such as hackers. Finished development includes the energy performance of Advanced Grid Forum dynamic algorithms of reactive power control and stability of the grid to help achieve Automatic power control and warehouse management coordination to be achieved.

Petra Solar is a powerful product, the pioneering people and a strong business model for the construction of a form in an exciting forum for the environment and sustainability around the world. The core of the solution, is a unique system of SunWave and innovative. Add-ins with the intentions of the initially focused on Petra Solar, a new class of solar power generation and Smart grid fields while staying true to their commitment to green jobs.

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