Envision solar comes with Gaia the Alliance global SA

Envision Solar International, Inc., (OTCBB: EVSI), a leading sustainable infrastructure design and developer, declares that it has become a Global Coalition GAIA, Finland and Switzerland SA in Cleantech and sustainability advisory firm with a worldwide with projects. Partnership delivers envision Solar’s LifePort ® and LifeVillage ™ integrated product, service and technology offerings to businesses, international aid agencies and other governmental institutions.
Robert Noble, CEO, envision the Sun “, on the basis of our advanced technology and infrastructure related to the integrated Solar Building Systems (SIIBS), we were originally adopted in the LifePort ®, modular, rapidly deployable solar building system, whose ceilings homeowners were suitable for photovoltaic arrays, growing demand, particularly in the developed,” said. “However, soon it became clear to us that the versatile and scalable system, battery storage capability, in addition, it would be very useful for the Nations and not available” off the grid “in the development of the regions. LifeVillages can be deployed to connect the entire clean energy self-sufficient communities worldwide, a unique opportunity to have an important role to play in eliminating energy poverty throughout the world. ”

Electricity is scarce, unreliable or unavailable in many regions in the world, especially in remote areas. With a locally created clean solar energy, that each of the LifeVillage community, cooling, lighting, water purification, cell phone and computer pricing, WIFI, WIMAX, and other valuable “life.”

“LifeVillage has been designed in clean technologies in a comprehensive concept. It provides a toolkit for basic human needs in less developed rural areas, or even affect the disaster areas, “said Swiss is based on the Gaia Global Managing Director Alain Schilli SA. “The Potential is enormous: one-fifth of humanity live in still in the dark, 3 billion people will need access to renewable fuels by 2015 and to enable the world’s population increases the pressure on the supply of energy or a threat to the long-term economic development of the natural resources. LifeVillage makes it easy for you to use under normal conditions of life, humanity, which particularly affects the neglected element of these global challenges. “

“With the envision Solar through our alliance, we are laying the ground work for a global coverage and LifeVillage opportunities for the implementation of the EU. We work together with the concepts of the project, the two Show case projects, one of the city in the country and the second area of the Advanced developing countries, to be realised in the year 2011. We review the various technologies that are compatible with the advanced water purification technology, including LifeVillage “continue Schilli.

For more information about how to envision solar, and LifeVillage ™, visit http://www.envisionsolar.com.

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