Sales of the two drive demand for Volt GSLO expect favourable position with regard to the iPhone

GoSolarUSA (PinkSheets: GSLO) is President and CEO of Tyson Rohde said on Tuesday the company expects to expand sales of Apple’s iconic iPhone creates Accessories, including the Volt Solar charger is a huge demand.
In December, over the quarter, Apple (NASDAQ: ^ FTSE) announced the Google 16.24 million, sales to help electronics giant can rack up to 6 billion dollar profit. Due to the announcement of this month that the iPhone 4 is available (NYSE: VZ) Verizon Wireless Network for the first time beginning in February, some analysts predict that Apple may reach as high as 19 million iPhone activations this quarter and sell as many as 63 million for the construction of a new industry-leading Smartphone this year.

“It is said that Apple blew away expectations in its last quarter due to strong sales of the iPhone, expired,” Rohde said. “The IPhone coming to Verizon Network, we are confident that sales of the device continues to grow. Incredible market emerging iPhone accessories, and GoSolarUSA is in a State of flux, Volt Solar charger Contact. “

Volt Solar battery charger is an external, which attach to the iPhone and the beginning of the line to extend its using the built-in solar panel, battery pack. Volt is capable of harvesting solar energy to charge Apple iPhone all versions of the same device. Download by capturing free, renewable energy, solar-Volt player is the first iPhone battery charging before its own internal battery almost doubling of Smartphone talk time.

Earlier this month signed distribution agreement with Xiamen GoSolarUSA Solar Electronics (XSE), by means of GSLO North American exclusive developer of the people’s Republic of China on the right device for the Volt. North America is the world’s largest market for help and iPhone accessories.

“The average selling price of the iPhone 4 is $ 625,” Rohde said. “It is a powerful electronic tool, which represents a significant investment is made of millions of users across the continent. We believe that many iPhone users the opportunity to invest in the Volt also moves at. “

Volt battery than many of the larger competitors and is included in the hotel safe at reception, the company known only to the iPhone corrector battery. You can charge Volt Solar charger after the sunset, is also a USB cable that came with the device. Prepare a blank solution by repeating the red, black and white, as well as the Volt will soon move to a one-year warranty with the sale.

GoSolarUSA is dedicated to the acquisition, development, and aggressively in marketing promising and potentially profitable technology. Volt Solar charger is the product of Xiamen, Xiamen China Solar Electronics is based on. The iPhone is a product of Apple Inc., which competes against the global electronics market with mobile Motorola mobility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) and Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM).

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