Solar electrical system completes the installation of 3 Solar systems, assisted living facility

Solar 2011, CA, has completed installation of San Clemente 288kW Sun Villas sea, makes it the largest assisted living facility in the United States, State-of-the-art material.

San Clemente was an ambitious plan of Villas to save money and go green. They decided to install one, not two but three solar electrical systems. One was installed on the roof of the carport and the Sun, one, one of the steep Hillside. Solar electrical system was chosen because of their large PV projects in the history and the reputation of San Clemente a smooth construction & safety installations for carrying out the difficult. Hillside-Hillside system caused the biggest challenge for the steepness and lack of access to the motorway, but SES has years of experience in the hillside, he turned to the solar power plant become unusable.

Rebates and tax incentives to pay for 87% of the project is the solar electrical system pays for itself in 4 years and saves owners more than $ 16 million over the $ 30: thousands of solar electric, Hillside commuters 5 freeway, visible is a powerful illustration of the advantages of solar power.

Solar electrical system and the installation of the most experienced solar electrical design, the company’s Southern California, and has helped customers reduce or eliminate their electricity bills since 1978. For more information, contact your commercial or residential photovoltaic Solar electrical Westlake Village, CA, 805-497-9808 or visit

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