The Panel will inform the consumer of solar PV inverter models of voluntary withdrawal

The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has informed the Xantrex solar grid-tied Inverters, which also may have been sold under the brand name SunPower and General Electric to voluntary recall of certain models.

Inverters convert the DC output of the solar array of home appliances and electricity used by the alternating current in the grid.

The Commission stated that the inverter control can be caused by “gassing” out-of-the-art “wiring inside the Interior of the inverter. Arcing occurs, the gases could build and forces in the passenger compartment lid, blown. If you were going to be sufficient to force the lid, it may cause damage to any person or damage to property, the Commission stated that, in the vicinity of the inverter.

Schneider Electric, with Xantrex Technology Inc. is a subsidiary, has received five reports of wiring in the passenger compartment cover blown off, consumer Panel, said. No injuries or property damage must be reported.

Replacement declaration applies to the approximately 25,000 units. They were sold to distributors and system integrators nationwide of the Sun, and in Canada, September 2005 and January 2011 through approximately $ myyntiluku and 4 000, the Commission announced in a press release.

Consumers should immediately contact their authorized dealer to set up an appointment to get a free repair of the inverter, the Commission stated that, as the case may be.

More information is available by contacting the Xantrex Technology (800) 714-7176, between 8: 30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, at the Commission’s press release is added.

Notification of withdrawal, which contains a list of numbers, the affected component is available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website

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