The Presidency proposes tax rebate instead of plug-in vehicles

Humble battery, which has not changed much more than energy storage devices to obtain the last century, more and more attention than ever before.

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday took the “White House to Main Street tour” Greenfield, Ind., where he visited the battery manufacturer Ener1, Inc.  The company produces Advanced lithium-ion battery systems for the Electric grid, energy storage and industrial electronics.

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama reiterated his goal is to make Us the first country in the world to invest in a million “advanced technology” rear-view mirror for vehicles driven on the road by 2015.  After a tour of the plant in Ener1, vice president met with the employees to discuss the management plan for the achievement of the objective in question.

“This Administration is forging a new path forward with a view to ensuring that America is not just the lead in the 21st century, but dominates in the 21st century,” Mr. Biden said to him, from the U.s. Department of energy press release. “We’re not just creating a new job — sparking a whole new industries, but to ensure EU competitiveness for decades to come — such as the manufacture of electrical industry.”

Ener1, Inc. was awarded the Department of energy-part of 2.4 billion dollars of Recovery Act investment to nationwide – 118.5 million dollar grant to the advanced hybrid and electric vehicle batteries. The company intends to expand its manufacturing and assembly operations in the premises of the Guild in its Indianapolis 336-more than a thousand by the beginning of 2013. In 2010, it is added to a core temperature greater that 120 jobs in Ener1 Indianapolis installations.

The Administration part of the plan shall contain the acceptance of the need to manufacture and support through new consumer discounts, investments in research and development, and encourages them to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure and communities, new competitive program.

In his annual budget proposal, the President shall request the converts Electric $ 7,500 by the existing tax credit, which is available to all consumers at the point of sales directly, such as “clunkers money” program, the Energy Department said.

The budget also proposes a new investment in electric drive design, batteries and storage technologies. One aim is to develop as soon as the vehicle battery, the range of 300 Miles on a single charge. The objective of the United States is an unofficial plug-ins to cut in half over the next few years the costs of the collection.

The Court of Justice should be encouraged to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure and to remove regulatory barriers, the Chairman shall propose a new initiative that would provide up to $ 10 million each as high as 30 communities that are in the process of doing so, the introduction of advanced technology vehicles and the priority. This approach is based on two ideas and suggestions, the Energy Department said.

A few of the Americans, with the exception of the sellers, and owners of solar electrical systems and EVs, recognising that the batteries of cars waiting for the snap-in to second life housing Solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage and battery in the EV market, and the Sun are complementary. In addition to the battery systems will be tested in a very large scale storage utility grids were created for the distribution of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. Such systems may be taken into account in the variable from production of energy from the Sun and wind.

In 2009, the United States had only two factories in the manufacture of Advanced automotive batteries, and produce less than 2% of the world’s Advanced batteries. By 2015, the United States will be able to produce enough batteries and components that support plug-ins and 500,000 hybrid vehicles and have the capacity to produce 40% of the world’s Advanced batteries, the Energy Department said.

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