JinkoSolar will inform strategic financing with Bank of China

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“Company” or “jinkosolar”) (NYSE: JKS), in the case of fast-growing manufacturer of vertically integrated solar product is based on Chinese actions, cheap, announced today that Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. (“Jiangxi Jinko”), one of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, has become a strategic cooperation agreement between the Bank of the people’s Republic of China (“BOC”), one of China’s big four State-owned commercial banks, which envisages a maximum possible credits will be granted in order to aggregate Jiangxi Jinko RMB50 for a period of five years to support the company’s long-term growth and the company’s plans for billion.

The detailed terms and conditions of the credit and credit related to the internal management of BOC: requirements and operational provisions and the need to be negotiated prior to the relevant credit may be granted.

“We are pleased with is the BOC support when we look to take advantage of the opportunities that continue to strengthen our position as the leading manufacturer of the product of the Sun,” said Mr. Longgen Zhang, CFO and JinkoSolar. “Funding bonds RMB600 million successful after the registration of the Industrial Bank of our strategic agreement with BOC play JinkoSolar’s success and strong financial performance and financial institutions ‘ confidence in the ability of the people’s Republic of China highlights the continued delivery of positive results. BOC long-term financial support we are confident we have excellent results for the year 2011, as well as our long-term growth objectives. “

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